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  • Heavy fighting went on around Jobar in Eastern Ghouta as the government continues its offensive:
    • The government fired 12 ground-to-ground missiles into the suburb.
    • Rebels fire at a BMP: 

  • A child killed by a sniper in Teshreen neighborhood in Eastern Ghouta

  • Fighting has continued around Hawsh al-Farah in Eastern Ghouta
    • Rebels executed a man named Turki al-Jabbawi on charges of belonging to a cell of 10 to 15 that gave the military information on rebel positions that enabled them to invade the suburb on Tuesday.

  • Rebels fighting in Eastern Ghoutane damascus 10-31-2014

  • 2 airstrikes hit Irbeen in Eastern Ghouta.

  • 2 airstrikes hit Harasta in Eastern Ghouta.

  • Mohammad Alloush, a senior figure in the Islamic Front, announced that 15 groups in Idlib have formed a group that will try to prevent fighting between Jabhat al-Nusra and the Syrian Revolutionaries Front.
    • The fighting began over the weekend, with both sides blaming the other for starting it. Yesterday they signed a 48 hour ceasefire as they try to reach a settlement, although clashes have still occurred.
      • JaN and Jund al-Aqsa attacked the SRF stronghold of Dersenal.
      • The SFR shelled Hantutin with mortars.
    • JaN captured 7 towns from the SRF in the al-Zawiya area:
    • The fighting comes amid a rebel offensive on Idlib city. 
      • Locals and rebel groups have been trying to stop the fighting, including cutting off the supply lines for both groups.
    • Rebel groups in Aleppo have signed an agreement that the infighting will not affect them.
      • The signatories include Harakat Hazm (an FSA-affiliated group, like the SRF) and Jabhat al-Nusra.
    • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that dozens of SRF fighters have defected to JaN.
    • A demonstration calling to end the fighting: 
    • Jamal Maarouf, the head of the SRF, denounced the leader of JaN, Abu Mohammad al-Jawlani, as a deviant Muslim and said that JaN fights for Iran. He said that the SRF will capture towns in Idlib from JaN.

  • 4 airstrikes hit Maarat al’Nu’man in Idlib

  • A Dawah held by Jabhat al-Nusra in Idlib

  • Airstrikes hit Saraqib in Idlib
    • A helicopter dropping a barrel bomb onto Saraqeb. 10-31-2014

  • 4 people, including 2 children, were killed and 6 people were injured by 4 barrel bombs dropped on al-Rastan in Homs

  • The Islamic State captured the al-Juhar gas field and nearby villages from government forces in Homs:
    • Yesterday they re-captured the al-Sha’er Oilfield after several days of fighting and attacked the Tiyas Military Airbase.
    • They appear to be encircling Palmyra
    • There is an unconfirmed rumor that Colonel Suhail Hassan, aka “The Tiger”, is being sent to re-capture the al-Sha’er Oilfield from the IS.
      • He commands the Syrian Special Forces (The Tigers), and has been behind significant government victories, such as Aleppo and the current government offensive in Hama.
    • The IS destroyed 4 tanks while attacking a checkpoint in the area.homs 10-31-2014

  • Rebels fighting around the Homs Military Academy from the al-Waer neighborhood

  • The bodies of 43 people from the Homs village of Qariteyn who were tortured to death in government prisons were handed over to their families.
    • The people were arrested at different time periods, but it sounds like they were killed within the last day or so.

  • Fighting around Kobani continued as the Islamic State kept up its offensive.
    • Yesterday at least 22 YPG fighters and 19 IS fighters were killed.
    • The IS is continuing to send large amounts of reinforcements to the fight from the surrounding regions.
    • Coalition airstrikes targeted the IS in the city.
    • At least 20 vehicles carrying 161 Peshmerga fighters crossed into Kobani from Turkey.
      • They have been in Turkey for several days, but were delayed due to fighting around the border crossing and due to discussions with the YPG about how they would deploy.
    • Some of the 50 FSA fighters who entered from Turkey left today due to disputes with groups already present in the city.
    • The YPG advanced in the north of the city, which was also hit with coalition airstrikes.
    • A YPG video showing dead IS fighters and captured weapons and ammo: centvcom 10-31-2014 ypg 10-31-2014
      A YPG release on demonstrations that will be held tomorrow.

      A YPG release on demonstrations that will be held tomorrow.

      Peshmerga and YPG fighters.

      Peshmerga and YPG fighters.

      Peshmerga and YPG fighters.

      Peshmerga and YPG fighters.

      Peshmerga and YPG fighters.

      Peshmerga and YPG fighters.

      Peshmerga forces crossing into Kobani.

      Peshmerga forces crossing into Kobani.

      Peshmerga forces crossing into Kobani.

      Peshmerga forces crossing into Kobani.

  • The Islamic Front firing at the Islamic State in northern Aleppo

  • Government forces reportedly made major advances in the al-Ameria neighborhood of Aleppo

  • Yesterday in al-Hasakah, the Islamic State besieged the Kurdish village of Qolo, about 8 km north of Tel Brak.
    • They reportedly burned crops, warehouses, and seized vehicles to intimidate the villagers.

  • A group of Islamic State fighters from Uzbekistan reportedly stormed an HQ containing Chechen IS fighters at the Tabqa Airbase in ar-Raqqa.

  • An article about the flow of foreign fighters into Syria, which has not slowed despite airstrikes against the Islamic State and efforts by countries to stop fighters from leaving:
    • Around 1,000 foreign fighters a month are entering Syria.
    • The UN estimates that over 15,000 foreign fighters from 80 countries have been involved in the fighting.

  • Staffan De Mistura, the UN envoy to Syria, told the Security Council said that he has a plan to impliment freeze zones in Syria to help the peace process and to make civilians easier to reach with humanitarian aid.
    • He said he does not have a peace plan, but has an action plan.
    • He did not give details on how the zones might work, but said that they could start with Aleppo city.
    • He said that since major conferences have failed to achieve peace, he wants to try a bottom-up approach.
    • He said that the freeze zones would be important in weakening the power of the Islamic State.

  • Foreign Policy article on problems and resistance faced by US General John Allen, who is the head of the US’s campaign against the Islamic State

  • The Hadith Society distributing aid to refugees: 

  • The Interim Government has will cut the salaries of its workers by half starting next month.
    • Ahmad Toumeh, the Prime Minister, said that nobody will be excluded from the cuts, including him.
    • This comes amid declining funds for the Interim Government as outside donors reduce their contributions.

  • 25 groups with more than 10,000 fighters will be forming a Northern Front in northern Syria, similar to the Southern Front.

    A drone flying over Afrin in Aleppo for the second day in a row.

    A drone flying over Afrin in Aleppo for the second day in a row.