I was pretty busy today, so I wasn’t able to take the time provide map locations for most of the places I reference.


  • An opinion piece on barrel bombs in the Washington Post by Raed al-Saleh, the head of the Syrian Civil Defense: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/stop-the-barrel-bombs-the-deadliest-weapons-in-syrias-civil-war/2015/03/27/c983d024-cf4e-11e4-8a46-b1dc9be5a8ff_story.html?postshare=3551427711810887

  • An Archicivilians post on how recent rebel advances make the establishment of a no-fly zone in northwest Syria more difficult: http://archicivilians.com/2015/03/30/is-it-possible-to-impose-a-no-fly-zone-in-northwest-of-syria-after-the-recent-rebels-advances-in-the-area/

  • A Syria Direct interview with Hafez Faraj, a defected general, about the effects of the rising tension between the government and the Druze population: http://syriadirect.org/main/36-interviews/1946-defected-general-druze-do-not-represent-a-cog-in-the-regime-machine

  • In an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta, a Russian government newspaper, President Assad said that Syria receives weapons from Russia under contracts signed both before and after the war began in 2011.
    • Moscow’s official line is that any arms contracts it has with Syria were signed before the war started.
      • Russian officials have not yet elaborated on the statement.

  • The ISIS Twitter Census, a study of IS supporters on Twitter, published by J.M. Berger and Jonathon Morgan through the Brookings Institute: http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/research/files/papers/2015/03/isis-twitter-census-berger-morgan/isis_twitter_census_berger_morgan.pdf
    • A discussion with Jonathon Morgan about the study on this week’s episode of the Middle East Week podcast: http://middleeastweek.org/

  • Fighting in the area around Idlib has continued after it was captured by rebels 2 days ago:
    • In the south there was heavy fighting outside of al-Mastoumah and the brick factoryhttp://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.863318&lon=36.652107&z=15&m=b
      • Rebel rocket shelling hit the area.
    • The Syrian Civil Defense said that it has evacuated 1,500 civilians from the city out of fear of government air and missile strikes.
    • Airstrikes hit the city.
      • Activists claimed that barrel bombs containing chlorine gas were dropped on the city around the security center and the grain silos:
        • Cl2 barrel bombs were dropped on several surrounding towns in the lead up and during the offensive.
    • Sheikh Muhammad al-Mohaisany, the head of the Sharia Council of Jaish al-Fatah (the banner that the groups fought under), said that a new “unified court” will be established, which will avoid being dominated by a single group or coalition.
      • The Sharia Comittee has already been selected, and the groups are currently negotiating on how to run the administration of the court.
    • In the city:
      • Tours of the city:
      • People injured by what is claimed to be a barrel bomb containing chlorine gas:
      • Detainees being released from the prison:
      • Food aid entering the city:
      • The governor’s office:
        • Jabhat al-Nusra fighters:
      • Airstrikes:
    • The south:
      • Government forces and civilians retreating from the city as rebels captured it 3 days ago:
        • Although video says the civilians were being used as human shields, I don’t know if they were actually evacuating voluntarily.
      • The Brick factory and al-Mastoumah:
    • Other videos:
      • A compilation of fighting:
        • Civilians being evacuated by the Syrian Civil Defense.

          Civilians being evacuated by the Syrian Civil Defense.

          Civilians being evacuated by the Syrian Civil Defense.

          Civilians being evacuated by the Syrian Civil Defense.

  • Airstrikes hit Sarmin in Idlib:

  • Druze rebels near Kafr Takharim in Idlib:

  • Airstrikes hit Mantef and al-Habit in Idlib:

  • An anti-Jabhat al-Nusra protest in Mare’, a rebel-held city in north Aleppo:

  • There was fighting around Handarat in Aleppo:
    • Damage in Handarat camp:

  • The Syrian Civil Defense said that 4 barrels apparently containing toxic substances were dropped on the al-Mehrab roundabout and the al-Matahen area in Aleppo:Mehrab 3-30-2015

  • There was fighting in the Kobane canton of Aleppo:
  • There was fighting around Zabadani in Qalamoun:
    • Government forces advanced, capturing point 1715 and Jabal Zabadani, reaching the western outskirts of the city:
    • Artillery shelling hit the area.

  • A new Military Council consisting of defected soldiers has been formed in Damascus and has joined the Joint Command in Ghouta:

  • There was fighting in Jobar in Eastern Ghouta:
    • Artillery shelling hit the area.
    • Damage in a former kindergarten:

  • There was fighting between the Islamic State against government forces and Usud al-Sharqiyah around Jabal al-Tharda in Deir Ez Zor:
    • 23 IS fighters were killed.

  • There was fighting between government forces and the Islamic State in the Ahoiqh neighborhood of Deir Ez Zor:
    • Airstrikes hit Ayyash:

  • An airstrike hit Abu Hakfeh in Hama:

  • There was fighting outside of Morek in Hama:

  • Artillery shelling hit Breqa and Bir Ajam in Quneitra:

  • A YPG video of aid being distributed in the area around Tel Hamis in al-Hasakah:

  • There was fighting around the government-held town of Judayyah in Daraa:

  • There was fighting in the al-Manishiyya neighborhood in Daraa:

  • 13 people, including 6 children, were killed by a car bomb in the rebel-held town of Jezza in Daraa:

  • There was fighting around Jabal Durin in Latakia:

    • The Hanano Housing area of Aleppo.

      The Hanano Housing area of Aleppo.

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  1. Democratic Revolution, Syrian Style said:

    Archicivilians is saying the opposite — that rebel gains in Idlib make a no-fly zone easier, not harder. I don’t agree with him though because of the composition of the forces that are becoming dominant in the governate i.e. AQ’s Jabhat al Nusra. Hard to see Washington deciding to be their air force, although perhaps if Etilaf’s exiled interim government moves there it might pressure Obama.

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