• Jobar in Eastern Ghouta saw heavy fighting, including airstrikes and ground-to-ground missiles: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.532166&lon=36.337194&z=14&m=b

  • A video by Jaish al-Umma showing recent fighting in Eastern Ghouta

  • Smoke from an airstrike on Irbeen in Eastern Ghouta

  • A man was crucified and beheaded in Douma in Eastern Ghouta on charges of cursing Allah, sorcery, kidnapping, spying for the government, plotting assasinations, and fornicating.douma 11-14-2014

  • Government forces captured Tel ar-Rayhan, next to the rebel stronghold of Douma in Eastern Ghoutahttp://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.573313&lon=36.425707&z=16&m=b

  • A protest in Eastern Ghouta calling for the government to lift the siege on the area: 

  • An airstrike hit Beit Saham in Rif Dimashqhttp://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.467213&lon=36.338139&z=14&m=b

  • Airstrikes hit Khan al-Sheih in Western Ghoutahttp://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.355767&lon=36.108112&z=13&m=b

  • Fighting around Nawa and al-Sheikh Miskin has continued in Daraahttp://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=32.912450&lon=36.070518&z=12&m=b
    • Rebels announced the second phase of their offensive, which includes to the east of the town and the Brigade 82 Base.
    • Barrel bombs were dropped on Nawa and on the town of Jasim just north of it. They were also dropped on Jasim, just south of al-Sheikh Miskin.
    • South of al-Sheikh Miskin, the towns of Dael and Tafas were hit by government shelling: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=32.758407&lon=36.124420&z=13&m=b
    • Officers from the 175th Artillery Regiment have been placed under house arrest as charges of treason and conspiracy against the government are made against them after retreating from positions in Nawa and al-Sheikh Miskin.
    • Rebels captured the Harmun Military Base, which houses a communications center 30 m underground that includes the communications networks for the 9th and 5th Divisions, near al-Sheikh Miskin: 
    • The countryside around Tel Umm Horan, just north of Nawa: 
    • Fighting around the Brigade 82 Base: 
    • A video by Harakat al-Muthanna al-Islamiyyah showing some of their fighting so far: 
    • A video claiming to show MANPADS captured by rebels after they stormed Brigade 182 in Nawa

  • 3 people from one family, including a child, were killed by airstrikes on al-Harra in Daraahttp://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=33.054860&lon=36.004429&z=14&m=b

  • Heavy fighting is continuing on Saqer Island outside of Deir Ez Zor city as the government attempts to capture it from the Islamic State and isolate their forces within the city: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=35.328711&lon=40.168333&z=14&m=b
  • The Islamic State executed one of their officials in al-Mayadin in Deir Ez Zor on charges of embezzlement and theft.al-mayadin 11-14-2014

  • Fighting around the northern Aleppo city of Kobani has continued: http://wikimapia.org/#lang=en&lat=36.879895&lon=38.349924&z=14&m=b
    • Heavy fighting has continued in the south.
      • The Islamic State is attempting to recapture the road that runs up Mt. Mishtenur from the YPG, which is an important route for IS reinforcements coming into the city.
    • Coalition airstrikes hit in the south and southeast of the city.ypg 11-14-2014 CentCom 11-14-2014
      Mothers of YPG fighters who have died fighting the Islamic State in Kobani.

      Mothers of YPG fighters who have died fighting the Islamic State in Kobani.

      A Peshmerga and YPJ fighter.

      A Peshmerga and YPJ fighter.

      Graves being dug for YPG fighters.

      Graves being dug for YPG fighters.

      Street cleaning in Kobani.

      Street cleaning in Kobani.


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