• 3 people in Damascus were killed, including a woman and a child, by 17 mortar shells.

  • 2 people were killed by barrel bombs dropped on the town of Madaya in Rif Dimashq.

  • 20 people, including 4 children, were killed by airstrikes on Douma in Rif Dimashq.
    Casualties from Douma.

    Casualties from Douma.

  • Government shelling on Ayn Terma in Rif Dimashq, where rebels have been advancing: 
    A map of forces around Ayn Tarma.

    A map of forces around Ayn Tarma.

  • Heavy fighting has continued as the government tries to take Jobar next to Damascus.
    • An Islamic Front video titled Jobar: The Trap of Tyrants
  • Rebels fighting in Rif Dimashq

  • Government forces captured parts of the western half of the Gweiran neighborhood in al-Hasakah city from local militia fighters.
    • The Syrian Arab Red Crescent entered the Gweiran neighborhood and removed 3 bodies of people who had been killed by snipers.

  • 2 people were killed by barrel bombs in Aqraba in Daraa province.

  • A barrel bomb dropped on Enkhel in Daraa

  • Rebels shot down a jet near the Kwaires Airbase in Aleppo and captured the pilot.

  •  6 airstrikes on the Islamic State-held city of al-Bab in Aleppo killed 13 civilians and injured 17. One of the airstrikes hit near a busy market.
    • The IS has begun evacuating its posts in the city of al-Bab, and has promised the civilians there that the rest of the posts will be evacuated so as to keep civilians from dying during government or US airstrikes.
      • IS-held areas in Syria have seen protests recently from people who want the IS to move their posts out of civilian areas, since this results in high civilian casualties during airstrikes.

  • The FSA hits a 130 mm cannon on Mt. Azzan in Aleppo
  • At least 4 rebels and 11 Islamic State fighters were killed in fighting southeast of Mare’a in Aleppo, around the Tishreen Dam and the village of Dwebeq. 

  • Supplies being dropped by parachute to government forces in the besieged cities of Nubbol and al-Zahraa in Aleppo

  • The Syrian Arab Red Crescent oversaw a prisoner exchange between rebels and the military in Bustan al-Qasar in Aleppo, where 2 soldiers, one of whom is a captain, were exchanged for 2 rebel activists.

  • An airstrike on the Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo

  • FSA forces in eastern Aleppo heading to the front lines to fight the Islamic State

  • A video of the first operation by Borkan al-Firat in Aleppo on the Euphrates river
    • BaF is a coalition between the YPG, FSA, and IF in order to fight the IS.
      • The specific groups are the YPG, Liwa al-Tawheed, Liwa al-Siwar al-Raqqa, Liwa Sham al-Shamal, Saraya Jarablus, Jabhat al-Akrad, Siwar al-Raqqa, and Jaish al-Liwa al-Jihad.

  • The Islamic State carried out a series of arrests of al-Bukamal in Deir Ez Zor.

  • Tahrir Souri reported that the Islamic State has moved all of its Syrian fighters from the vicinity of the government-held Deir Ez Zor Military Airport and has only kept Chechen fighters and the al-Battar Brigade, a Libyan group, near it.

  • 4 people were killed by airstrikes on al-Rastan in Homs.

  • Government forces, including the SAA, NDF, Hezbollah, and Iranian officers, captured Helfaia city in Hama province.
  • Rebels re-captured the Tel al-Nasiriyah Hill in Hama.
  • Badr al-Sham fighting west of Qomhana in Hama
  • Jabhat al-Nusra released the 45 Peacekeepers that it had taken prisoner during fighting at the Golan Heights border crossing on August 28th.
  • Rebels have continued their offensive in Quneitra, which also allowed them to reach forces in Western Ghouta yesterday.
    • A government vehicle hit by a missile fired from the Tell al-Mal Hill

  • Syrian Civil Defense team after an airstrike on Maarat al-Nu’man in Idlib

  • Rebels shelling government positions in the Idlib Plain

  • An article by Charles Lister on the death of Ahrar al-Shams leader, Hassan Abboud: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-lister/syrias-evolving-salafists_b_5795682.html

  • After Obama announced last night that he would step up aid to Syrian rebels and would not hesitate to attack the IS in Syria several countries reacted:
    • Russia said that US airstrikes in Syria without the UN or Assad’s permission would be an “act of aggression”.
    • The UK said that they will not be participating on airstrikes within Syria.
    • Turkey refused to host US airstrikes against the IS in Syria.

  • An FSA TOW missile hit against a tank in Latakia

    A YPG special forces unit.

    A YPG special forces unit.


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