• The number of people killed by airstrikes in the city of ar-Raqqa on Saturday has risen to 50, most of whom were civilians.

  • 4 people were killed by airstrikes today on the city of ar-Raqqa, including a woman and a child.

  • An LA Times article about weapons received by rebels from the US: http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-syria-harakat-hazm-20140907-story.html#page=1

  • The SAA and NDF made advances against rebels in Balahseen, about 5 km north of Hama city.
  • Rebels captured the Sen Sahar checkpoint from government forces near the village of al-Sheer in Hama.
  • 4 rebels were killed by airstrikes on Ayn Terma in Rif Dimashq.

  • At least 6 airstrikes were carried out on Jobar, next to Damascus amid government advances..
    • Jobar


  • Rebels in Jobar

  • An Anna video of the SAA fighting in Jobar

  • 10 rebels were killed by shelling on the al-Dukhaniyyah neighborhood of Damascus.
  • Staffan de Mistura, the new UN envoy on the Syrian war, will be visiting Damascus tomorrow for 3 days of talks to try and figure out a solution to the conflict.

  • Rebels in Ain M’neen in Rif Dimashq have made an agreement with the military to withdraw by tomorrow.
  • 45 prisoners were released by the Islamic State in Deir Ez Zor.
    • The prisoners had originally fought the IS, and were released after taking a Sharia course in an IS camp and pledging loyalty to the IS.

  • An airstrike on Enkhel in Daraa

  • Part of a government convoy that was attacked by rebels in Quneitra

  • A tour of part of Ayn al-Basha, which was captured during the rebels current offensive in Quneitra

  • An Israeli soldier was wounded by stray fire from fighting between rebels and government forces near the Golan Heights.
  • Barrel bombs dropped on the village of al-Huwash in Homs:

  • Rebels destroyed a helicopter with a Kornet ATGM at the Abu al-Duhur Military Airbase in Idlib
  • 2 people were killed and 5 were wounded by mortars fired by the Badr Martyrs Battalion on the Khadya neighborhood of Aleppo.

  • Jabhat al-Nusra arrested a group of men in Sifyan in Aleppo on charges of working as a spy ring for the government. The men have been handed over to an Islamic court.sifyan aleppo jan gov spies 9-8-2014 jan  gove spies aleppo 9-8-2014

  • 15 people in the United Arab Emirates were arrested for joining and fundraising for Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham.

  • An Egyptian court has ordered the deportation of 22 Syrians to Damascus. They were arrested for illegally trying to reach Europe. 

  • Zaman al-Wasl, a news agency, said that it has obtained a list of the names of the soldiers who were killed when the Islamic State captured the Tabqa Airbase in al-Raqqa on August 25th. The 226 names on the list include 51 officers, most of them from the Alawite sect.

  • A Syrian refugee was beat by 12 men outside of Beirut in Lebanon in retaliation for the Islamic State’s beheading of a second LAF prisoner.beirut 9-8-2014

  • The Assayish (Kurdish internal security) released 8 Arab men from their jail in the Aziziyah district of al-Hasakah in order “to show goodwill” towards them. The men were arrested on charges of committing acts of sabotage in the district.


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