• Islamic State fighters were killed by a Hezbollah IED in Qalamoun.
    • 1 of the dead is reported to be Abu Abdullah al-Iraqi, a top IS official who was in charge of planning car bomb and suicide bomb attacks.

  • 6 soldiers and 14 rebels were killed during fighting in Qalamoun yesterday, primarily during an attack on a Harasta checkpoint by the Jund al-Sham Brigade. 

  • Hezbollah fighters were killed and 9 were injured in Qalamoun as they were covering the retreat of another Hezbollah group from Ras al-Ma’arra. 

  • Hezbollah has lowered the required age of its fighters from 18 to 16 in order to keep up its ability to fight in Syria, and yet still have enough reserves for any confrontation with Israel. The group has also been sending fighters and advisers to Iraq.
    • They are withholding experienced fighters, such as long-range rocket teams and anti-tank teams, from their other active fights in the area because they are specifically trained for fights against Israel.
    • Syrian rebels have upped their attacks in Qalamoun against Hezbollah and the Syrian army as Hezbollah has had to divert men and resources to help fight the Islamic State in Iraq. Hezbollah was recently forced to fight Syrians within Lebanon in the town of Arsal after a Jabhat aL-Nusra leader was arrested.

  • 12 Islamic State fighters were killed by airstrikes on ar-Raqqa yesterday.

  • The water-plant in ar-Raqqa was damaged by a government airstrike.

  • The Islamic State re-opened the road between ar-Raqqa and Tal Abyad, which skirts the eastern entrance of the captured Division 17 base in al-Raqqa province. 

  • 7 rebels were killed fighting government forces in the Hama countryside.

  • 2 civilians were killed and 15 wounded by rebels mortars fired on the town of Qamhana in Hama.

  • The Syrian government executed Colonel Nofal Dayoub, Brigadier General Ahmad Ghanam, and Colonel Sami Razak, 3 pilots who refused to fly missions bombing northern Hama province. 

  • The Supreme Military Council said that rebels took the village of Qubaiat from government forces in Hama.

  • 16 soldiers were killed by rebels yesterday in Hama province when they assaulted the rebel-held city.

  • Rebels firing Hell Cannons on government positions in southern Morek in Hama: 

  • A barrel bomb on the Bustan al-Basha neighborhood of Aleppo yesterday destroyed the main water line that supplies most of FSA-held Aleppo.

  • Rebels firing on a sniper position in Aleppo city: 

  • The government claimed to have reached a reconcilliation agreement to end the fighting with rebels in the Damascus suburb of al-Qaddam.
    • The claim says that lists of insurgents will be handed over “for their legal status to be settled”, and the services and displaced residents will return to the suburb.

  • Reports are saying that many fighters have left Liwa al-Tawhid, a part of the Islamic Front, and joined the Free Syrian Army. 
    • They are now mainly stationed around Mare’a in Aleppo, a town that is being defended by rebels against the Islamic State offensive in northern Aleppo. Many of the men are originally from Mare’a and it’s surrounding villages.

  • Islamic Front fighters were executed by the Islamic State in northern Aleppo near Akhtarin. 

  • Rebels mortaring government positions around Adra, Rif Dimashq

  • A rocket attack on a government-held building in Jobar, adjacent to Damascus

  • Omran al-Zoubi, the Information Minister, said in an interview with Rudaw, an Iraqi-Kurd news outlet, that the government would be willing to help Kurdistan in its fight against the Islamic State. He also said that they would be willing to help Syrian Kurdish forces in their fights.

  • Opposition actavists claimed that there was a gas attack on Athman, south of Daraa. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Athman,+Syria/@32.6635831,36.1146783,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x151bee491d9981a3:0x227e97ad95faa408?hl=en

  • The US Federal Aviation Administration issued a release restricting U.S. operators from flying in Syrian airspace because “the presence of anti-aircraft weapons among the extremist groups and ongoing fighting in various locations throughout Syria, there is a continuing significant potential threat to civil aviation operating in Syrian airspace.”

  • Daily attacks on Syrian refugees are occurring in Turkish border towns and cities including Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Kilis, Kayseri, Ankara, and Kahramanmaras.
  • Abu Maria al-Qahtani, a top figure in Jabhat al-Nusra, said that Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, hasn’t answered messages from the Syrian affiliate of al-Qaeda for 2 months.
    • They havn’t been able to comminicate with him since around the time that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant declared the caliphate and changed its name to the Islamic State. 
    • Qahtani said he has been trying for 2 months to get Zawahiri to denounce the caliphate, and is having to make this public statement because he isn’t sure whether Zawahiri just doesn’t want to help JaN, isn’t aware of the situation, or isn’t being given the messages of the intermediaries.
    • Qahtani has also been facing increasing dissent against him within JaN, so this statement was not necessarily made with the full backing of the group.

  • 2 men were executed and crucified by the Islamic State in the al-Bal’um roundabout in the city of al-Mayadun in Deir Ez Zor on charges of being “apostates”.

  • The Islamic State executed 4 men on charges of belonging to al-Sahwat “rebels” in the al-Shadadi neighborhood of al-Hasakah city. 

  • 10 YPG fighters were killed, and an unknown number of IS fighters, when the IS took the border village of Jaz’a in al-Hasakah.

  • An agreement has been reached in al-Hasakah city between the YPG and militiamen in the al-Gweiran neighborhood. A YPG prisoner will be handed over for 15 militia prisoners.
    • The YPG and NDF have been attempting to take the neighborhood in order to consolidate their hold on the city, which is under attack by the IS. 

  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that 6,000 people have joined the Islamic State in the last month. 1,000 of the people are foreigners, while the rest are Syrian.

  • The government is refusing to arm civilians in the Druze sect in Sweida province.
    • Earlier this week 15 people were killed, including 7 clerics, when Jabhat al-Nusra and Bedouin fighters attacked the village of Dama.

  • The Small Arms Survey, a Switzerland-based research organization that analyzes weapons flow across the globe, said that rebels have amassed several hundred portable anti-air missiles. The report was issued a few hours after an FAA ban on US carriers flying in Syrian airspace.

  • The Islamic State executed James Foley, an AFP reporter who went missing while covering Syria in November 2012. Before his execution in the video that was uploaded, he addressed his brother and said “I died that day, John, when your colleagues dropped that bomb on these people. They signed my death certificate”.
    • The IS has threatened to execute Joel Sotloff, a Time journalist, unless the US stops its attacks on the group.
  • The Syrian National Coalition warned that the members of the al-Sheitat Tribe in Deir Ez Zor, who revolted against the Islamic State a few week ago and who have been brutally put down, are facing genocide. It called on the international community to protect members of the tribe like it has done for the Yazidi community.
    • It came out earlier this week that 700 members of the tribe have been executed by the IS in the last 2 weeks. 1,800 tribesmen are unaccounted for.

      A UN aid convoy entering through a border crossing in Daraa.

      A UN aid convoy entering through a border crossing in Daraa.

      Aid is collected in Rojava for Sengal refugees.

      Aid is collected in Rojava for Sengal refugees.

      3 men in Deir Ez Zor about to be executed by the Islamic State on charges of cooperating with the government.

      3 men in Deir Ez Zor about to be executed by the Islamic State on charges of cooperating with the government.

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