• The Islamic State captured the villages of al-Masoudia, Dabiq, and al-Ghuz, and the towns of Turkman Bareh and Ikhtrin from rebels in Aleppo. 50 rebels were captured, and at least 40 died. At least 12 IS fighters died as well.
    • Jabhat al-Nusra and other Islamist groups withdrew from the area in late July, leaving mostly FSA groups  and the Kurdish Jabhat al-Akrad to fight the IS.
    • The IS immediately began arresting people affiliated with the FSA in the towns. 
    • Ikhtrin is important, because it opens a path to Mare for the IS, which is an important rebel stronghold. 
    • The Dawoud Brigade, which pledged loyalty to the IS, fought alongside them and plans to continue fighting in the offensive.

  • The IS began shelling Sawran, a Liwa al-Tawheed stronghold north of Aleppo. 

  • The al-Towba Brigade is threatening to withdraw its forces from western villages in Aleppo after accusations were made by the Mujahideen Army that it is collaborating with the Islamic State.

  • The Supreme Military Council warned that Aleppo, which is under attack by both the government and the Islamic State, will “fall if the international community does not step up support”. 
    • They said that government forces, aided by Hezbollah, are trying to cut off the remaining rebel line into the city and place it under siege, and that the IS is making headway from the east. 
    • They also said that “increasingly sophisticated” barrel bombs are being used to wipe out entire neighborhood, destroy infrastructure like water, electricity, and hospitals, and collectively punish the civilian population. 

  • The Aleppo Military Council has ceased all activities from its command room until further notice, due to accusations against the council leader of power monopolization.

  • Immediate aftermath of a barrel bomb of Bab al-Nairab near Aleppo: 

  • The YPG said in the last 4 days that it has rescued 100,000 refugees who fled from Sengal.

  • Sheikhmous Ahad, the leader of the PYD, told Ara News that there is no direct coordination between the YPG and government forces in al-Hasakah city. He said that the YPG’s advances in non-Kurdish areas of the city was needed because of the threat of the Islamic State, which is currently attacking the city, and because the government can not defeat the IS on its own. 
    • He said “In the end we are all fighting one main enemy” and denied that the YPG is shelling the Gweiran neighborhood.
    • He also said that the YPG helping Regiment 121 soldiers escape their base in southern Hasakah as the IS was attacking it was a “humanitarian duty”.
    • Activists within the city said that the Gweiran neighborhood, including the Hasakah Central Prison in the south of the neighborhood, came under YPG tank and artillery fire, and that YPG fighters were killed when their artillery accidentally exploded. There are conflicting reports that it may also be government shelling. 10 people have been killed in the neighborhood by the shelling so far. 
    • The YPG arrested dozens of Gweiran residents on the central market of the city on charges of IS affiliation. 

  • The Islamic State has been slowly withdrawing from the Regiment 121 base and moving towards al-Hol in the eastern countryside of al-Hasakah province, after taking wheat and corn from the al-Melebiya Grain Center.

  • Over the past several days, pro-IS demonstrations have been held in the Gweiran neighborhood of al-Hasakah city, which have called on the IS to enter the neighborhood and break the YPG-imposed siege. The IS has not responded.

  • Islamic State members were killed in al-Hasakah province by a landmine planted by the YPG west of Ras Al Ayn. 

  • Government forces recaptured northern districts in Mleha in Rif Dimashq.

  • The Syrian government has announced a maintenance plan that includes mosques in Damascus. In order to implement the plan, refugees, who are living in many of the mosques, will be relocated to Adra in Rif Dimashq.

  • Government forces resumed shelling the besieged al-Waer neighborhood of Homs, breaking a months-long truce and killing 5 person.
    • Aid organizations announced earlier in the week that they have stopped operations in the neighborhood because of obstacles imposed by the government. 

  • Rebels captured the south-western part of the town of Morek in Hama province from government forces, killing 10 soldiers and an unknown number of rebels. This comes several weeks after the government began a concentrated offensive to try and capture the town from rebels. 

  • 4 people were killed by 2 barrel bombs dropped on Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province.

  • Men executed by the Islamic State in Deir Ez Zor: 

  • A promotional video by Ansar al-Islam: 

  • The Cape Ray, a US ship, has finished destroying the Syrian government’s 581 metric tons of the sarin gas precursor.

  • The UN issued a report documenting the “indescribable suffering” of prisoners and political detainees at the Aleppo Central Prison before and during the year-long siege by rebels. 
  • Edward Snowden claimed in Wired that the internet outage in November 2012 in Syria, which was assumed to have been caused by the government or a rebel group, was actually caused by a failed NSA attempt to install surveillance malware inside a Syrian Internet Service Provider, which instead caused a crucial router to fail. 

    An aid package from Qatar found by the IS in an IF building in Aleppo province.

    An aid package from Qatar found by the IS in an IF building in Aleppo province.

    A YPG funeral.

    A YPG funeral.

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