• Saudi Arabia’s Special Criminalized Court sentenced 4 men to prison for travelling abroad to fight in Syria.
    • 2 of them men fought in Syria, but became disillusioned and gave themselves up to Saudi authorities. 2 others went to Yemen with the intent of continuing on to Syria.
    • The men were sentenced to between 4 months and 2 years 10 months in prison.

  • A photo was posted on the twitter account of Khaled Sharrouf, an Australian man fighting for the Islamic State, which showed his son holding the severed head of an SAA soldier. The photo had the caption “That’s my boy”.

  • The Islamic State gave the people of the town of al-Sha’fa in Deir Ez Zor 12 hours to turn over men from the Sheitat tribe who fled there from surrounding towns that revolted against the IS. After further negotiations, it was agreed that the displaced Sheitat members will not be handed over, but that people who are wanted by the IS can be discussed in separate negotiations.

  • The Islamic State blew up 3 houses in al-Masrab in Deir Ez Zor, saying that they belonged to Sheitat tribesmen who were fighting them.

  • The Islamic State detained a leader and 3 fighters from the al-Abbas Brigade in Deir Ez Zor. The group is one of the brigades that helped the IS enter the city.

  • 4 rebels were killed by a government shell in Inkhel, Daraa province. 

  • The remains of an automated bakery in Inkhel: 

  • 10 people were killed by 5 barrel bombs that were dropped on the Bab al-Nayreb neighborhood of Aleppo. 
    • Syrian Civil Defense members digging through the rubble after the airstrike: 

  • The main water pump for the town of Ma’arret al-Artiq and its surrounding villages in Aleppo province was damaged by an airstrike.

  • Rebels firing on government positions in Sheikh Najjar, Aleppo: 

  • There was heavy ground fighting in Mleha in Rif Dimashq, accompanied by 11 airstrikes on the city and its perimeter, and 14 ground-to-ground missiles.
    • Missiles hitting: 
    • Airstrikes and artillery: 

  • Aid distribution resumed in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus. Fighting between rebels and government forces occurred while aid was distributed yesterday.

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State, released a statement saying that the group does not recognize Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s election as the president of Turkey, and although it recognizes Turkey’s help in the expansion of the group’s territory, it was declaring war on the country.is war turkey 8-11-2014

  • Brown Moses post about rebel DIY weapons: https://bellingcat.com/news/mena/2014/07/13/the-diy-weapons-of-the-syrian-rebels/

  • A TOW missile hit by Ansar al-Islam on a tank on Tel Um Horan, Daraa.

  • A video showing the battle where rebels capture the Hamadiya Barrier in Idlib: 

  • 7 people were killed and 10 injured by airstrikes on the Idlib town of Kafar Takharim.

  • A public whipping of a man in Khan Shaykhoun, Idlib, yesterday for cursing Islam: 

  • John McCain has called on Barack Obama to conduct airstrikes on the IS within Syrian territory.

  • The UN Security Council is drafting a resolution to place sanctions on people, countries, or businesses that help finance and recruit the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra. 

  • The Islamic State fought with a large government convoy on the Sokhna-Raqqa road that was most likely en route to reinforce the al-Taqba Airbase in al-Raqqa.

  • A man was whipped and crucified by the Islamic State in the al-Na’im Roundabout in ar-Raqqa on charges of impersonating and IS fighter and stealing.

  • A tank destroyed by an anti-tank team in Latakia: 

  • The Syrian High Committee of Hajj said that Saudi authorities have denied access to Syrian pilgrims for the third year in a row.

    Sheitat prisoners who the Islamic State says fought against them in the recent revolt.

    Sheitat prisoners who the Islamic State says fought against them in the recent revolt.

    A YPG fighter with Yazidi refugees.

    A YPG fighter with Yazidi refugees.

    Home-made rockets made by pro-government militiamen in Aleppo.

    Home-made rockets made by pro-government militiamen in Aleppo.

    SAA sodiers in Daraa.

    SAA sodiers in Daraa.

    Syrian Civil Defense members pull a body from the rubble after a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo.

    Syrian Civil Defense members pull a body from the rubble after a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo.


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