• Rebels took the villages of Arzeh and Sheyhain in the Hama countryside, and are fighting for Kaft Altoun.
    • The government has withdrawn forces from the fighting around Morek in order to reinforce Hama. 

  • Abu Mohammad al-Jolani, the leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, dismissed his 2nd in command, Abu Mariya al-Qahtani, saying he was behind the recent desertions of JaN fighters to the Islamic State. He appointed Sami al-E’reidi to the position.

  • Rebels took the baths are in front of the Citadel in Aleppo.

  • Yesterday 14 YPG fighters and 35 IS fighters were killed in the front west of Kobani. 

  • Islamic State fighters captured by tribesmen in Kashkiya in Deir Ez Zor: 
    • The Shi’aytat tribe expelled the IS from several towns yesterday, and killed 17 of its fighters. The IS reportedly began mass arrests of members of the tribe today in retaliation. There was also fighting today, but the IS did not take back the towns.
      A burned out IS vehicle.

      A burned out IS vehicle.

  • A short video on Syrian Civil Defense training: 

  • Liwa Khaled Bin al-Waleed, an FSA faction, announced that it was leaving the Syrian Revolutionaries Front and that it would cease hostilities with the IS. 
    • They are present in al-Rastan in Rif Homs and are an early FSA group.

  • Another group of Division 17 soldiers managed to reach the Brigade 93 base near Ain Issa in al-Raqqa. The IS has ordered everyone within a 7 km radius of the base to evacuate as they begin an offensive to capture it.

  • A public presentation by the IS in ar-Raqqa: 

  • Government soldiers killed in Jobar, adjacent to Damascus: 

  • Jaish al-Islam and Suquor al-Sham have completely merged and will be under the leadership of Zahran Alloush in a group called the Islamic Front.
    • The group will eventually replace the current coalition under the same name that is headed by Alloush, as more factions merge under it.

  • Ceasar”, the pseudonym of a military photographer for the Syrian government who defected early this year, testified in front of the House Foreign Relations Committee. He brought 50,000 photos with him out of the country. His job was to document the deaths of people who had been detained and killed by the various branches of the government. Assad has said that the photographs are fabrications.ceasar 7-31-2014 ceas 7-31-2014 c 7-31-2014

  • The US government announced an additional $378 million in humanitarian aid for Syria.  

    Executed soldiers from Division 17.

    Executed soldiers from Division 17.



    Jabhat al-Nusra distributing gifts.

    Jabhat al-Nusra distributing gifts.

    A funeral for YPG fighters.

    A funeral for YPG fighters.

    is evicted 7-31-2014




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