As it turns out, I was at work from 8 AM to 10:30 PM today. This is what I was able to write down while I was at work throughout the day.

  • The number of people who died when the Islamic Front blew up the old police headquarters in Old Aleppo yesterday, which is being used as an NDF HQ, is fluctuating between 13 and 50 people from most sources.

  • Rebels are now within 7 km of the Hama Military Airport. 
    • There were reports that Liwaa al-Eman, a part of the IF, shot down a military helicopter on the outskirts of Hama.
    • Rebels took the al-Tarabee outpost on the outskirts of Hama.
    • Rebels captured 22 NDF fighters in Kafr Altoun near the Hama Military Airport.

  • There was a car bomb in the loyalist Wadi al-Dahab district of Homs.

  • The YPG made advances against the Islamic State in the front west of Kobani.

  • 27 soldiers were reported killed in Western Ghouta when they tried to advance and cut the road between Zakia and Khan Sheih.

  • The Shietat tribe in Deir Ez Zor expelled the IS from the towns of Kashkiya and Abu Hamam. 

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