• 12 members of the Arab Baath Socialist Party and 4 Islamic State members were killed during fighting around the Baath Party branch in al-Hasaka city. 3 of the IS fighters blew themselves up during the storming of the building. Is fighters were originally wearing NDF uniforms when they stormed the building.

  • 9 people were killed when mortars and a suspected surface-to-surface missile hit people’s houses in the Eastern Ghouta town of Zebdin.

  • 13 rebels died during clashes with government forces in the countryside of Daraa province. 

  • There are many reports that Division 17 was defeated by the IS. The division had been under siege for over a year, and was the government’s only presence in the city.

  • A Brigadier General from the government was killed in fighting with the IS in Raqqa around Division 17’s position.

  • Division 17 soldiers were beheaded by the IS in ar-Raqqa, and their heads were posted on the wall at the al-Na’im roundabout in the middle of the city.

  • 35 IS fighters were killed, along with an unknown number of government soldiers, during the IS push to defeat Division 17 in ar-Raqqa. The Chemistry Battalion was taken over after 2 IS fighters detonated car bombs in their area.

  • 11 people were killed, and at least 8 injured, by rebel shelling on the government-held al-Talifon al-Hawa’i neighborhood of Aleppo.

  • 8 people are being held by Italian police after around 90 Syrian refugees coming in a boat from Libya were either drowned after being thrown off the boat or asphyxiated under the deck.

  • Turkey has spent $3.5 million on the 1,100,000 million Syrian refugees within its border. South Korea just announced a $500,000 for improvements in the refugee camps within Turkey.

  • The UN sent its first aid convoy to rebel-held positions without government position, passing through the al-Bab crossing with Turkey.


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