• Rebels made headway in their recent offensive in Jobar just next to Damascus, and were able to move into Abbasyyn Square.
        • Civilians have been evacuated from the area, and a local complex for Syria’s security service has received reinforcements. Activists have also said that the government is pressing for a local ceasefire.
        • It has also been circulated that it is not meant to be a permanent push, but as a way to force the government to weaken other areas by diverting troops and supplies, as well the soldiers and supplies that will be destroyed.
        •  Footage of the remains of a detainee found at a captured checkpoint with the hands and feet bound to what looks like a mattress:

  • Rebels, led by Jabhat al-Nusra, agreed to lift a siege on 70 Islamic State fighters and protect them south of Damascus in return for them giving up their weapons.

  • A convoy of food and aid trucks was reported to have entered the neighborhood of al-Asalai in Damascus.

  • Rebels captured Tal Umm Horan northwest of Daraa city. 

  • 12 rebels were killed fighting government forces in rural Daraa.

  • 2 barrel bombs hit a bakery that people were lined outside of as they waited for bread in the Islamic State-held al-Bab, Aleppo, killing 7 civilians, 5 of whom were children, and wounding 13.

  • 5 civilians were killed by a barrel bomb on the Qadi Askar neighborhood of Aleppo.

  • 10 people were killed by a barrel bomb dropped on an Islamic Brigade’s HQ in the Aleppo neighborhood of al-Ansari al-Sharqi. 3 of the dead were civilians, and 7 were rebels, including 2 commanders and the head of the media office.

  • A young girl rescued by a Syria Civil Defense team from a building hit by a barrel bomb in Aleppo:

  • An unnamed Hezbollah commander was killed yesterday in the town of Bork in Hama according to al Manar TV. The FSA captured the town, killing 8 government fighters.

  • The SAA captured Soran in northern Hama. They also killed 7 rebels, and 3 are still unaccounted for, in an ambush in the town.

  • 17 government fighters were killed by rebels around Morek in Hama, which the government has been trying to take in a failed offensive that has cost both sides heavy casualties.

  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a pro-opposition group, said that the IS is selling oil to Iraqi business men for between $20-40/barrel, compared to the global market price of $100. Iraqi trucks and tanks apparently entered Deir Ez Zor province a few days ago to load and transport fuel from the al-Omar Oilfield and the Konico Gas Field.

  • YPG and 8 IS fighters were killed in Til Barak.

  • Fighting has continued around the al-Sha’er Oilfield in Homs province as the government attempts to recapture it from the IS.

    YPG fighters in Rojava.

    YPG fighters in Rojava.

    A truck that says "Watch out; a sniper is 20 m away" in Beit Sahem, Damascus.

    A truck that says “Watch out; a sniper is 20 m away” in Beit Sahem, Damascus.

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