• The USA put sanctions on Pangates, a company based in the United Arab Emerates, for supplying specialty petroleum products to the Syrian government from 2012 to this year that were likely used for military purposes.

  • Saudi Arabia denied that it is financing or supporting the Islamic State, after some UK media outlets accused it of doing so.

  • The IS has issued a magazine in both English and Arabic named Dabiq. The newspaper was distributed in print in areas under IS control in Syria, and also as an electronic version via email.

  • The Syrian government publicly denounced Israel for it’s recent actions in Palestine, including mass arrests and targeting civilians in their fight against Hamas, which has escalated in the last few weeks fowling both the killing of 3 Israeli teenage settlers and the subsequent burning to death of a Palestinian teenager.

  • Lakhdar Brahimi will be replaced as the UN’s envoy to Syria by Staffan de Mistura, the former UN envoy to Afghanistan and Iraq. Brahimi resigned at the end of May in frustration over the deadlock preventing negotiations in Syria.

  • Rebels have pushed the IS out of the town of Masraba in Eastern Ghouta. 
        • The Islamic Front diffuses 2 car bombs left in Misraba by the IS, who planned to detonate them remotely. Local citizens informed the IF about the bombs:

  • 77 civilians died in Syria yesterday, a jump during a week where they have been lower than usual due in a large part to the government’s focus on ground offensives instead of airstrikes on civilian areas. The most civilians, 22, died in Idlib province where rebels have regained momentum on their own offensive.

  • 16 rebels were killed in Idlib during fighting around the government-held al-Hamdya and Wadi al-Dayf army bases. 

  • Abu Issa al-Sheikh, the commander of Suqour al-Sham, has ordered fighters from the al-Sham Army and the Daoud Brigade, which are present in Idlib and have pledged loyalty to the IS, to surrender their weapons. The Daoud Brigade recently withdrew from Sarmeen in Idlib to go join the IS.
        • The move could have been made in sync with Jaish al-Islam’s push to eliminate the IS presence in Eastern Ghouta. 

  • Jabhat al-Nusra is preparing to withdraw from its barracks and checkpoints in Aleppo city. It has called for an urgent meeting to discuss recent escalations in the area and to decide who will replace its fighters at the checkpoints. Al-Nusra officially denied that it has joined the rapid response team formed in Aleppo from mainly US-backed groups in order to combat the government and IS. 
        • Ahrar al-Sham withdrew from Khan Toman near the city due to the recent government advances.

  • The IS arrested an unknown number of civilians after raiding their homes in the Aleppo village of Qabasin.

  • 17 Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic fighters, including 4 Jordanians, were killed in fighting in Quneitra, which has seen a renewed rebel offensive over the last 2 days.

  • The IS has been making a concerted effort to provide food, fuel, and services to needy families in the territory it holds in Syria during Ramadan. 

  • Abu Bakr al-Masri, the Prince of the IS in Jarabulus, issued what was supposed to be a secret letter to IS members that instructed them to pursue and punish Syrian civil activists who organize anti-IS demonstrations and activities. It specifically mentioned the Nama Organization, a non-governmental civil organization, although the group says they have not been interfered with so far.

  • The Islamic Front accused the IS of assassinating Abu Mohammad al-Harun, the leader of the Badr Brigade, by attaching explosives to his car.badr brigade 7-10-2014

  • Rebels took the village of Alirhejan from government forces in eastern Hama. eleihejan 7-10-2014

  • Ammar Haj, an al-Jazeera correspondent, was released by the IS after 6 months of captivity.

  • Islamic Front fighting the IS north of Aleppo:

    Shifa Hospital in Aleppo yesterday after it was hit by a barrel bomb.

    Shifa Hospital in Aleppo yesterday after it was hit by a barrel bomb.

    Injured children in Aleppo.

    Injured children in Aleppo.

    A dead teen in Aleppo.

    A dead teen in Aleppo.

    YPG fighters.

    YPG fighters.

    Deir Ez Zor

    Deir Ez Zor

    A boy walking past rubble in the Sheikh Saeed neighborhood of Aleppo.

    A boy walking past rubble in the Sheikh Saeed neighborhood of Aleppo.


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