• Hadi al-Bahra was elected as the new president of the Syrian National Coalition.

  • The Islamic Front seized weapons and tanks yesterday from the al-Taraf checkpoint near the al-Hamediyyah army base in Idlib province.

  • IF fighters were killed around the al-Dahman checkpoint in the countryside of Ma’arret Al Nu’man.

  • A car bomb in al-Bab yesterday appears to have been targeting an Islamic Front HQ.

  • 25 Syria Civil Defense members have died in Aleppo since February. Barrel bomb attacks that Civil Defense members respond to sometimes are followed by a second attack 15 to 20 minutes later in order to target first responders.

  • Rebels in Idlib have formed a “quick response” group to combat the Islamic State and the government in Aleppo. 

  • The YPG is resisting a heavy offensive by the IS on Kobane and the surrounding area.
        • A focus of the offensive is on Kandal, which lies on the main road leading to Kobane and is near the Syria-Turkey border.
        •  The FSA and some other rebel factions, including Liwa Thwar Raqqa and Liwa al-Jihad, are fighting south of Kobane in front of Sarrin.
        • The YPG and Jabhat al-Akrad are defending 2 fronts on the Euphrates river and 1 west of Tal Abyad. 9 IS fighters were killed around Tal Abyad.
        • The YPG retook some ground from the IS near Kobane, including the villages of Jeb al-Faraj and Kharaj Atto.
        • YPG fighters were killed and 5 were injured outside of Rojava. Kurdish officials said that 200 IS fighters have been killed in the offensive this week, but gave no overall estimate of YPG casualties.
          Kurdish casualties in Rojava.

          Kurdish casualties in Rojava.

  • The leadership of al-Akrad has accused the al-Tawheed Brigade of attempting to sow discord among the rebel groups.

  • The Ansar al-Sharia Battalion in Homs pledged loyalty to the IS. ansar ash-sharia 7-8-2014

  • The IS blew up the homes of two Jabhat al-Nusra commanders in al-Shhil, an al-Nusra stronghold that the IS took a few days ago. They also detonated 7 houses belonging to al-Nusra commanders in al-Dahla.

  • 4 Islamic fighters were killed in Rif Dimsashq fighting government forces in the farmlands outside of Rankous. 

  • A government soldier hit by an IF sniper:

  • 6 fighters from Islamic battalions and Jaysh al-Islam were killed fighting the IS in Eastern Ghouta. 

  • Government forces removed checkpoints from a mall, a blood bank, and the al-Mazza area in Damascus. 

  • 3 men were killed and 10 were injured by 2 mortar shells on the Daf al-Shok neighborhood of Damascus.

  • An IS fighter blew up a car bomb at a YPG checkpoint in Ein Essa, killing 4 YPG fighters.

  • Government reinforcements from Hezbollah and the Special Forces of the Republican Guard arrived Sheikh Najjar.

  • Jabhat al-Nusra has withdrawn from the Sharia authority in Aleppo.

  • In the western countryside of Deir Ez Zor, tribal leaders and Islamic fighters are negotiating with the IS to end fighting in the area. So far the demands are:
        1. The groups keep their current structure and pledge loyalty to the IS.
        2. None of the weapons belonging to the groups will be handed to the IS. The IS is contesting this.
        3. The IS will enter the western countryside with a small number of fighters who must be non-Syrian.
        4. No people wanted by the IS will be arrested.
        5. Both sides will cooperate to fight the government.
        6. The establishment of a joint Sharia court.

  • In Deir Ez Zor, the people of Sbekhan, Dablan, Ghrebe, al-Kashme, al-Dwer and the coalition of the Jund al-Sham Gathering pledged loyalty to the IS.

  • A map of Syrian territories: http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/fr/map/desyracuse-syria-civil-war-7-july-2014_12153#7/34.694/40.210

  • Hezbollah announced that they need reinforcements in order to succesfully fight the “5,000 to 10,000” rebels still in Qalamoun. 

    A mass funeral for fallen YPG fighters in Kobani.

    A mass funeral for fallen YPG fighters in Kobani.

    A mass funeral for fallen YPG fighters in Kobani.

    A mass funeral for fallen YPG fighters in Kobani.

    A current map of Aleppo.

    A current map of Aleppo.

    The IS giving people food during Ramadan in Serrin.

    The IS giving people food during Ramadan in Serrin.

    Dust after a barrel bomb in Aleppo.

    Dust after a barrel bomb in Aleppo.


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