Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head the the Islamic State, made his first public appearance, in Mosul, Iraq.


•Fighters from Harakat Hazm, a moderate FSA group that has been given TOW missiles, has received training the last few weeks for anti-aircraft weapons.

•The IS is attacking the Kurdish held city of Kobane.

•15 YPG fighters have been killed the last 2 days fighting the IS in northern Aleppo. The YPG said they have killed 85 IS fighters.

•The Syriatel tower checkpoint in Eithra, Hama province, was taken by Jabhat al-Nusra.

•4 Islamic Fighters were killed in Ma’rat al-Nu’man fighting government forces.

•9 rebels were killed fighting tribal gunmen in the Abu Dali area of Rif Hama while also being hit by airstrikes.

•Civilians in al-Granij in Deir Ez Zor are holding protests against IS control.

•5 civilians, including 2 women, were killed when government forces stormed al-Sheikh Hadid in Rif Hama.

•A man, his wife, and their 6 children were killed by a helicopter attack of Dael, Daraa province.


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