I’m going to go play in the hurricane tonight, so this will be pretty short. I’m also doing it on my phone, which I’m not very good at.

•10 YPG and 4 IS fighters were killed when the IS attacked Zor Maghar in Aleppo.

•The IS took control of the al-Omar oilfield, the largest in Syria, after Jabhat al-Nusra withdrew without a fight. They also entered the towns of Mayadin and Ishara.

•7 people were killed by an airstrike on Ma’aret Mesrin in Idlib province.

•Government forces, backed up by NDF fighters, took the third area in the Sheikh Najar Industrial Area of Aleppo city. 14 barrel bombs were dropped during the attack.

•The IS has cut electricity to the city of ar-Raqqa for the duration of Ramadan in order to make people follow the example of the Prophet Mohammed.

al-Manar, a Hezbollah linked group, said that Zahran Alloush, the head of the Islamic Front, was wounded in Midaa, eastern Ghouta, by shelling by the IS. The IS was kicked out of the town a few days ago. Jaysh al-Islam denied the claim.

•The French Foreign Minister said that the IS is selling Iraqi oil to the Syrian government.

• The YPG claimed to have killed 85 IS fighters over the last 2 days in clashes west of Kobani.

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