• The Israeli Defense MinisterAvigdor Lieberman, said that the Syrian army was responsible for the anti-tank missile that killed a 13 year-old Israeli citizen in the Golan Heights two days ago.

  • The Syrian air force killed 20 civilians and wounded 25 in the Iraqi border city of al-Qaim.

  • Crops purportedly set on fire by government forces in Jasim, Daraa:

  • Air strikes in Eastern Ghouta:

  • A car bomb hit the Wadi al-Dahab neighborhood of Homs, which is predominantly Alawite. The bomb killed 10 people and went off about 500 m from the location of a car bomb blast a few days ago.homs 6-23-2014

  • The number of people who died in the car bomb on the Alawite village of al-Harra has risen to 43, including 20 women, 11 children, and 2 NDF fighters. (I didn’t report on it Friday because that was the day I unfortunately had zero time)

  • An initiative sponsored by the PLO and the Syrian government is underway to evacuate rebels from Yarmouk.

  • Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi toured government facilities in Aleppo, promising $41 million in aid for redevelopment. During his tour barrel bombs were dropped on the districts of Mare, al-Aryan, and al-Hullak, killing 10 people.

  • Abu Haroon, a defector from the FSA to the ISIL was beheaded by a the Mujahideen Shura Council, a coalition of several rebel groups, in Deir Ez Zor. 

  • The General Security Office in the Damascus suburb of Darayya said that two men were lynched on charges of being government informants.
        • The two men were observed entering government-held areas and passing uninhibited through checkpoints. When they were searched they were found to have silenced pistols and cell phones with government military officer’s phones in their history. The men then confessed to being informants and were convicted.

  • The Islamic Front has continued to gain ground in Qalamoun, and has killed hundreds of government fighters in the last few days, reversing gains made by the government in November-April.
        • The offensive, which was already planned, has also been helped by the unexpected withdrawal of Iraqi militias to Iraq to fight the ISIL.

  • A 5-member Islamic Council was appointed by Ahrar al-Sham, Ajnad al-Sham, Faylaq al-Rahman, Jaish al-Islam, and Jabhat al-Nusra to operate in Ghouta.

  • The Syrian government has apparently been recruiting women to act as informers about rebels and activists, on the basis that they are less suspicious.

  • German prosecutors filed terrorism charges against a 20 year-old man who is accused of joining and fighting for the ISIL.

  • The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, rejected the possibility of cooperating with Assad in order to combat the ISIL. 

  • The Local Coordination Committee in Mleha said that the city’s northern front saw its most violent fighting so far, as the battle entered its 84th consecutive day.
        • Fighting included assaults by the SAA and Hezbollah, as well as air raids, surface-to-surface missiles, artillery, and attacks with tanks.

  • 5 civilians were killed by airstrikes on ar-Raqqa.

  • ISIL fighters kidnapped 27 Kurdish students on the road between al-Hasaka and Qamishli and took them to the town of Tal Barraq.

  • ISIL fighters kidnapped 11 Jabhat al-Nusra fighters in the outskirts of Homs.

  • In Deir Ez Zor the ISIL distributed leaflets denying charges that they consider rebel fighters to be infidels.

    A child killed by a barrel bomb in Aleppo.

    A child killed by a barrel bomb in Aleppo.

    A kitchen in ar-Raqqa run by the ISIL.

    A kitchen in ar-Raqqa run by the ISIL.

    Water pipes that draw drinking water for ar-Raqqa from the Euphrates river. Turkey has cut off the flow of the river into Syria, which is severely affecting civilians.

    Water pipes that draw drinking water for ar-Raqqa from the Euphrates river. Turkey has cut off the flow of the river into Syria, which is severely affecting civilians.


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