• 5 air raids killed 19 people and injured dozens in Muhassen, southeast of Deir Ez Zor, a day after tribal leaders pledged allegiance to the ISIL.

  • An 13 year old Israeli boy was killed and two others were injured in the Golan Heights in an attack on a defense contractor’s vehicle, although it was not clear what was used to hit the vehicle.
        • The boy was an Arab Israeli who was riding along with his father.
        • The Israeli Army responded with tank fire on SAA positions, but could not confirm if the attack came from rebels or the Syrian army.

  • President Obama has continued to push the statement that he made Thursday that the main priority of Syria should be “counter-terrorism”, citing the ISIL as a medium to long term threat to the US if it spreads in the region. He denied that that US’s indecisiveness in the conflict has helped the ISIL.
        • On Thursday he said US efforts would be as much about countering the ISIL and Jabhat al-Nusra as they are about defeating Assad.
        • He also said there is no “ready made” opposition group that the US can support with military aid and that effective armament of a group in the near future is “fantasy”.

  • The UN said that 10.8 million Syrians, nearly half of the pre-war population, are in need of aid and that 4.7 million Syrians are in places that are difficult to impossible to aid workers to reach.

  • The Syrian military, backed by Hezbollah, launched an offensive to push rebels out of the foothills of the Qalamoun mountains.

  • The ISIL executed 3 FSA officers on Friday, 2 days after they were kidnapped from Deir Ez Zor. 

  • The ISIL  took the Taraibeel crossing between Iraq and Syria.

  • The ISIL used the American-made Humvees captured recently from Iraq for the first time, capturing the villages of Eksar and Maalal in Aleppo province from the Islamic Front and Jabhat al-Nusra.
        • The towns lie close to Azaz, which rebels took from the ISIL in February. The ISIL is expected to launch a push to retake the town soon.

  • The ISIL kidnapped 20 Kurdish students in northeastern Syria on the road between Hasaka and Kamishli.

  • A ceasefire between government forces and rebels has been reached in the besieged  Palestinian Yarmouk Refugee Camp. 
        • The camp holds around 18,000 civilians who have been under siege by the government since 2013. 100 people have starved to death in the camp since the siege began.
        • Under the agreement, heavy weapons will be removed from the camp, barriers will be taken down, an internal force will be created to ensure security, the main entrances to the camp will be opened, and infrastructure will be restored. Previous agreements have been made in the camp but then collapsed.

  • The Turkish government has agreed to recognize bachelor degrees issued in rebel-held areas.

  • Fighters and activists from the town of Kahil in Daraa province have accused Jabhat al-Nusra of executing a commander, his brother, and another fighter from the Kahil Martyrs Brigade after the Brigade tried to restrict al-Nusra movements in the village.

  • 11 civilians, including 5 children, were killed in Rif Dimashq province during airstrikes on the towns of Jusrin, Zabadani, and Jaramana.

  • 30 prisoners were released, including women, from Rif Dimashq, under the June 9 amnesty.

  • In northern Rif Aleppo, in the town of Hreitan, the Sharia Council executed 2 men for an unknown crime.

  • Fighting is occurring in the area around the town of Hlifa in Aleppo. ISIL fighters are trying to cut the supply route between Islamic rebels and more moderate rebels by taking over a nearby school and the village.


A women is helped from the rubble after a barrel bomb strike in Aleppo.

A women is helped from the rubble after a barrel bomb strike in Aleppo.

An ISIL technical fires at a Syrian jet in Homs province.

An ISIL technical fires at a Syrian jet in Homs province.



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