• Talal al-Barazi, the governor of Homs Province, said that 118 of the people who were released under the amnesty are being put into military service because they were either defected soldiers or civilians who had not yet served their term in the military.

  • More than 20 people were killed in Aleppo when 2 barrel bombs were dropped on a market in the Sukkari neighborhood. 6 people were killed by barrel bombs dropped on the al- Ashrafeyii neighborhood.
        • The Sukkari neighborhood: aleppo 6-16-2014 aleppo airstrike 6-16-2014

  • Power was cut for most of Aleppo.

  • Residents of Kesab in Latakia province began to return a day after the army took the town back from rebels.

  • Captain Rudein Ali Issa, the commander of the NDF Southern Front, was killed by a landmine in the Damascus suburb of Mleha.

  • The ISIL has been raiding public gatherings in areas under its control to stop people from watching the World Cup, forcing them to go pray instead.

  • Britain published a draft order proscribing the ISIL under the British Terrorism Act, which will be debated on Thursday before being implemented Friday. The ban would make it a criminal offense for someone to belong to or arrange meeting in support of the ISIL, as well as wearing clothing suggesting that somebody supports or is a member of the group.

  • A child from the Damascus suburb of Douma died of malnutrition.

  • 54 government soldiers were captured by rebels when they captured Tel al-Juma Hill on Saturday.
        • The hill was the largest remaining government outpost remaining in western Daraa.

  • Spanish police said that they arrested 8 people suspected of recruiting fighters for Iraq and Syria.

  • The ISIL has been blocking exit and entrance of people and materials into Deir Ez Zor city for 13 days now.

  • The YPG captured 3 villages west of Tal Abyad in Raqqa from the ISIL after the ISIL attempted to advance on YPG positions.

  • In Idlib province, 11 people, including 8 children, were killed by rebel shelling on the neighborhood of Karm al-Rahhal in Jisr al-Shughour.

  • Unknown gunmen tried to assassinate the commander of the Military Council in Deir Ez Zor province by shooting at him in the village of Al Bwel.

    People among the rubble in Aleppo.

    People among the rubble in Aleppo.

    Hassan Taha street in downtown Deir Ez Zor.

    Hassan Taha street in downtown Deir Ez Zor.

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