• Abu Mohammad al-Jawlani, the leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, has been incapacitated by a serious injury and leadership has temporarily been given to Abu Mari al-Qahtani.

  • Rebels captured the village of al-Adnania about 20 km south of Aleppo city.
        • They also captured Azziraa al-Fokaniya and Azziraa al-Tahtaniyya, and al-Zera’a.

  • A video that I think is from Abu Jumo Hill yesterday in Nawa, showing rebels accepting the surrender of government fighters:

  •  A video of a barrel bomb strike in NawaDaraa province: 

  • The SAA recaptured Samra and Nab’ain in Latakia province. State media also claimed that government forces and Hezbollah had moved back into Kesab after rebels withdrew yesterday, effectively reversing gains that rebels have made in their 3 month campaign in the province, although minor clashes are still occurring west of Kesab.
        • The province is a stronghold for the Alawite sect to which Assad belongs and the rebels presence in the area the last 3 months has been a great embarrassment to the government.
        • Rebels had to move into Idlib after Turkey reportedly would not let them cross the border.
          A current map of fighting in Latakia.

          A current map of fighting in Latakia.

  • Syria’s army has begun conducting strikes on ISIL bases in coordination with Iraq’s government, nominally in response to the ISIL’s import of heavy weapons captured in Iraq into Syria.
        • The Syrian Air Force conducted airstrikes against the ISIL’s headquarters and religious courts in Raqqa. They also conducted air strikes on their headquarters in al-Hasakah province in Shaddadi, which is a major hub for the movement of men and materials across the Iraq-Syria border.

  • SANA said that 230 prisoners from Homs, Hama, and al-Hasakah were released under the amnesty that Assad declared on June 9 following his reelection, although the number could not yet be independently verified. 1,500 prisoners have been released under the amnesty so far, but tens of thousands of anti-government activists, opposition supporters, and protesters still remain behind bars.
        • One of the prisoners released was Adnan Qassar, a horse rider who has been jailed for the last 21 years after he beat Bassal Assad, Bashar’s brother, in a horse race.

  • Rebels captured Tal al-Rafie and 3 army checkpoints in Qalamoun.

  • The YPG captured several buildings at the entrance of the northern Aleppo city of Jarabulus from the ISIL, as well as the water facilities.


A map of Syria overall.

A map of Syria overall.

  • Due to the recent events in Iraq, most of the photos that people are uploading relate to ISIL fighting in Iraq, and so unfortunately much less photos of Syria are being uploaded, hence the lack of them on my blog the last few days.

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