• The Islamic Front said that it has recaptured positions that it lost a few days ago to government forces in the Khan Touman area of southern Rif Aleppo and captured Al-Maqla.

  • Muhanna Ammar al-Deen, the leader of the Fawares al-Islam Brigade (Division 13 of the Syrian Military Council) was assassinated on al-Hirtama road in the eastern suburbs of Maarat al-Nu’man in Idlib.
        • Division 13 is one of the groups that has recieved US-made TOW missiles.
        • Abdulkarim al-Qintar, the leader of Battalion 101 in the SMC lost both his legs in an assassination attempt 2 days ago. Division 101 has also received TOW missiles.

  • A car bomb exploded near the Masakin al-Shorta circle in the predominantly Alawite neighborhood of al-Dahab in Homs. The NDF reported that 7 people had been killed and dozens injured.

car bomb homs 6-12-2014 homs car bmb 6-12-2014

  •  A school was hit by an airstrike in Takad, Aleppo.
    A child injured by the airstrike.

    A child injured by the airstrike.

  • Fighting occured between the ISIL and Division 17 of the SAA in ar-Raqqa. Division 17 responded by launching 1 mortar on the neighborhood of al-Thakanah, 2 on al-Baiatrah, and 1 on al-Wadi street. No casualties were reported.

  • Government forces shelled rebel-held neighborhoods of Deir Ez Zor, but not ISIL-held neighborhoods.
        • There are growing fears among rebels that that ISIL may be able to take the city, which has been under siege by the ISIL, now that the group will have a large influx of captured weapons from Iraq and also due to Assad’s continued inaction against the group.
        • NDF fighters were killed in fighting with rebels in the neighborhood of al-Hweiqa.

  • The FSA has called for international support to help them fight the ISIL in Deir Ez Zor.

  • There were reports that around 30 cars left Aleppo carrying Iraqi fighters back to Iraq.
        • Hezbollah will be sending an additional 2,000 soldiers to areas in Syria that will be left vulnerable as Iraqi militias return to fight the ISIL in Iraq.

    • Assad said during an interview with the pro-Hezbollah paper Al Akhbar that the Geneva Convention is “finished” and that the west has changed its stance on Syria.

  • Abu Odai, a spokesman for the rebel battalion Feiliq al-Rahman, said that rebels have regained control of the supply road between Mleha and Jisreen, 4 days after government media reported that the Damascus suburb had been encircled.
        • He said that the government had hit Mleha with 4 airstrikes and 12 surface-to-surface missiles during heavy fighting yesterday.

  • The Brigade of Golan Turkmen and the Free Syrian Army Turkmen have announced the formation of The Islamic Turkmen Movement in the southern Damascus neighborhoods of Qadam, Tadamon, and al-Hajar al-Aswad.

  • SANA published a letter from US senator Richard Black, congratulating Assad on his re-election. Black has previously thanked Assad for his “heroic” actions for rescuing Christians in Qalamoun.

  • The aid organization CARE said that at least 50,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon are working 12 hours a day in poor conditions to pay for food and shelter for their families.
        • Only 30% of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon attend school.

  • The Supreme Military Council of the FSA has nominated General Abdul Aziz Shlal, a former head of the Syrian Military Police before he defected in 2012, to head the Defense Ministry in the opposition government.

  • Rebels launched an offensive against the Hezbollah and government-held town of Rankous in Qalamoun which lies near the border with Lebanon, killing 2 Hezbollah and 5 SAA fighters.
        • The town is considered a major supply route of weapons and fighters into Syria from Lebanon.

  • Nearly 1,000 fighters from Assad’s hometown of al-Qardaha have been killed since the beginning of the war.

  • 1,400,000 Syrian children have been vaccinated against polio over 6 days by the Polio Control Task Force.

  • The Majlis Shura al-Mujahidin Council managed to take control of the Division 14 Iraqi Army Base and the al-Qa’em border crossing with the help of local tribes in Iraq after the Iraqi army retreated.
        • Jahbat al-Nusra claimed to have taken 5 Humvees and 4 BMPs to Abu Kamal, about 11 km from the al-Qa’em border crossing.
  • jahbat al-nusra 6-12-2014

jahbat 6-12-2014

  • 3 civilians were killed in Kafr Zita in Hama by a barrel bomb.

  • 18 Islamic fighters and 3 from Jahbat al-Nusra were killed fighting government forces around Um Sharshuh. 

  • Hicham Chiab, a Belgian ISIL fighter, poses with children in ar-Raqqa.

    Hicham Chiab, a Belgian ISIL fighter, poses with children in ar-Raqqa.

    US-made Humvees being transported from Iraq to Syria by the ISIL.

    US-made Humvees being transported from Iraq to Syria by the ISIL.


FSA soldeirs in Eastern Ghouta.

FSA soldeirs in Eastern Ghouta.

A current map of fighting in Aleppo.

A current map of fighting in Aleppo.


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