Unfortunately I’m on painkillers due to my wisdom teeth coming in, and today I can’t stay awake long enough to update the blog. I will have to update today tomorrow.

  • The US has reportedly lifted its ban on supplying antiaircraft missiles to select rebel groups in order to pressure the government into entering negotiations for a political solution, although the US denied the report.
  • Voting for the presidential elections began at some foreign embassies.
  • Leaders of the domestic opposition group, the Popular Front for Change and Liberation, have voiced their support for the delivery of Russian MiG fighters to the government since it would be counter-productive to disrupt relations with Syria’s traditional weapons supplier.
  • An Iranian Brigadier General, Abdollah Eskandari, was killed in Syria.
  • The Islamic Front said that they ambushed a convoy travelling to Aleppo Central Prison, destroying two tanks and killing an unknown number of soldiers.
  • 12 YPG fighters, including 1 woman, and 11 ISIL fighters were killed during clashes between the two in the village of al-Rawiya west of the city of Ras al-A’in in al-Hasaka province.

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