• The ISIL denied the recent claims that have been circulating the last few days that it has executed the Jesuit priest, Father Paolo Dall’Oglio 
      • A source said that he had been held hostage with a group of kidnapped journalists from Sky News Arabia in a house in Al Raqqa. He said that the journalists were recently moved to the Al-Ukairashi prison in eastern Al-Raqqah, while father Dall’Oglio had been moved to the Tishreen Dam prison.
      • He was originally kidnapped on July 29, 2013. Father Dall’Oglio had traveled in a car belonging to the Ahrar al-Sham Movement to go meet with an ISIL leader in Al-Raqqa at Ahrar al-Sham’s security office in the city. He was then escorted to the house of one of the movement’s leaders and held hostage for 22 days, after which the opposition said that his whereabouts were unknown. It was reported though that on August 29 he was moved to the ISIL headquarters.

  • Mulham Ukaidi, a field leader of the Mujahideen Army and a member of the Operation Room of Ahel al-Sham, said that heavy support had arrived for many battalions near Aleppo Central Prison and the Sheikh Najjar front.
      • The military has turned the prison, which had been under siege by rebels for a year until a few days ago, into a military base.

  • Fawzi Ayoub, a senior Hezbollah commander, was killed during fighting in Aleppo. 
      • He is considered to be one of the most senior commanders and field trainers to have been sent to Syria.

  • The ISIL beheaded Adnan Dahmush Salameh, an engineer and journalist from the Ahrar ash-Sham Islamic Movement, after they took over the Shola area in Deir Ez Zor.

  • A convoy of 4 vehicles carrying OPCW inspectors to look at suspected sites of chemical weapon attacks in Kafr Zita was hit by an IED as it passed near the government-held town of Tibet al-Imam. No team members were injured and they returned to their base of operation without reaching Kafr Zita.

  • A domestic opposition group, The Popular Front for Change and Liberation, has called for a delay in the June 3rd elections while visiting Russia, since most Syrians currently will not be able to participate in them, although they said they were not calling for a boycott.

  • Syria: Arming the Rebels, Frontline documentary, airs tonight. The documentary features a moderate group of rebels describing how they traveled to Turkey to meet with Americans, and then to Qatar to receive training in advanced weaponry and fighting techniques, includinghow to finish off soldiers still alive after an ambush.”

  • Syria said that the United Arab Emirates has banned the 30,000 Syrian expats from voting in the upcoming presidential election, following moves by France, Germany, and Belgium.
      • Ali Abdel-Karim, the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon, said that the world is scared of the results from the election, which he claims will legitimize the government and prove that it will prevail in the current conflict.

  • Rebels re-gained control of the villages of al-Breij and Hailan in northern Aleppo after 5 days of fighting.
      • The villages are both about 2 kilometers from the Aleppo Central Prison.

  • Rebel convoy with captured vehicles from the surrounding checkpoints entering Khan Shaykhoun:   

  • Execution of two militiamen by the Neighborhood Association of Zahra

  • A car bomb that Jahbat al-Nusra claimed responsibility for went off in front of the Lazurd Hotel in Ar-Raqqah, which is being used as an ISIL HQ.
      • The ISIL imposed a curfew in Ar-Raqqah as a result of the bombing. car bomb ar raqqah 5-27-2014

  • The ISIL arrested an unknown number of people in Menbej and took them to an unknown location.

  • Rebels took the town of Kanafiz in eastern Hama province.

    Rubble left over from a barrel bomb in Aleppo.

    Rubble left over from a barrel bomb in Aleppo.

    An ISIL trench in Tal Balat, Aleppo.

    An ISIL trench in Tal Balat, Aleppo.



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