• The Islamic Front, Adjnad Al-Sham, Jaysh Al-Mujahadeen, Failaq Al-Sham, and Alweiat Al-Furqan issued a revolutionary covenant that set out their political and military principles:

1. The controls and limits of revolutionary work are derived from our authentic religion, avoiding fundamentalism and radicalism.

2. The Syrian revolution’s ultimate political goal is to overthrow the current regime with all its symbols and foundations and to bring them to justice in fair trials, without acts of vengeance or retaliation.

3. The regime that commits terrorism against our people through regular and irregular forces, along with all the parties supporting them such as the mercenaries from Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah, and all those who carry out aggression against our people and ex-communicate them (apostasy), such as ISIS, are military targets for the revolution. Military actions will be limited to Syrian territory.

4. Overthrowing the regime is a collaborative enterprise by different revolutionary forces. Based on the awareness of these forces of the regional and international dimensions of the Syria crisis, we welcome the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with regional and international parties to show solidarity with the Syrian people in a way that serves the interests of the revolution.

5. The preservation of Syrian territorial integrity and the prevention, by all attainable means, of any project aimed at dividing these territories is a non-negotiable revolutionary principle.

6. Our revolutionary forces, in their military operations, rely on Syrian elements only and believe that the military and political decisions should be entirely Syrian, rejecting any type of affiliation with foreign entities.

7. The Syrian people aim to establish a state of law, freedom, and justice, without any sort of pressure or dictatorship.

8. The Syrian revolution is a revolution based on morals and values whose objective is to obtain freedom, justice, and security for all sectors of Syrian society, with its diverse multi-ethnic and multi-sect social fabric.

9. The Syrian revolution is committed to the respect of human rights which is also encouraged by our authentic religion.

10. Revolutionary forces strongly condemn the regime’s targeting of civilians and recurring use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the civilian population. Revolutionary forces strive to keep civilians out of the circle of violence and are firmly committed towards that end. These forces never used such weapons in the past and reiterate at the same time the absence of any WMD in their possession.

11. All that is recovered by the regime is the lawful property of the Syrian people and it will be used and administered by revolutionary forces in order to fulfill the people’s demands for bringing down the regime.

  • The UN said that more that 85% of food aid and 70% of medicine went to government-held areas, and blamed Assad for blocking deliveries to rebel-held areas.

–In 2013 it was a 50/50 split between rebel and government areas.

  • General Hussein Isaac, the head of Syria’s Air Defense Forces, was killed in fighting in the Damascus suburb of Mleha, which the government has been trying to capture for months.

  • Rebels retook Tel Meleh in Hama.

Islamic Front video of the checkpoint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKBmnVnSjxk&feature=youtu.be 

–Rebels also took the towns of Jalama and Tmsheetha.

  • Fatou Bensouda, an ICC prosecutor, told Al Arabiya News that she supports setting up a special tribunal for Syrian war crimes.  The UN is expected to vote next week on whether or not to set up the tribunal.

  • Rebels announced the start of the Battle of North Earthquake” to expel government forces from areas surrounding Aleppo. They captured several government-held buildings within Aleppo city. More than 50 government forces were reportedly killed.

  • In the last several weeks, Al Asayesh ( the Kurdish Interior Security Forces) have arrested several Kurdish party leaders and activists, only some of whom have been released.

–In the countryside of Ra’as Al Ayn, in Al Hasaka province, mass arrests have been made by the YPG and Al Asayesh against supposed supporters of the ISIL.

  • Rebels advanced in Jobar, on the outskirts of Damascus, and captured several areas and ammunition depots.

  • Most of Mleha has been recaptured by rebels.

–4 barrel bombs were dropped on Mleha today.

  • Currently any Sunni Muslim is prohibited from entering Qusayr, which was captured by government forces earlier this year.
A stash of cigarettes seized by the ISIL from a dealer in Raqqah.

A stash of cigarettes seized by the ISIL from a dealer in Raqqah.

A building damaged in the al-Qaterjy neighborhood of Bab al-Naireb in Aleppo province, where 2 barrel bombs were dropped.

A building damaged in the al-Qaterjy neighborhood of Bab al-Naireb in Aleppo province, where 2 barrel bombs were dropped.

Pro-Assad rally in Cuba.

Pro-Assad rally in Cuba.

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