• The head of the Deir Ez Zor Military Council, Lt. Col. Muhannad Al-Tallaa, said that the ISIL was advancing of the capital of the region and called for rebels to help him with arms and ammunition.

–He stated that his forces are running out of ammo and that the ISIL has superior equipment.

–The FSA and Jahbat al-Nusra are battling the ISIL in other areas of the province as well. They have an estimated 10,000 fighters in the region, and the ISIL has 2,000.

–The YPG launched n offensive against the ISIL in Jazira in response to the call for help.

  • The Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, inaugurated al-Suhadaa (martyrs) Square in central Homs.

  • The Friends of Syria, an alliance of mostly western and gulf Arab countries, said that they will increase their support for the moderate Syrian opposition. The London office of the Syrian National Coalition was also granted the status of a foreign mission.

  • A car bomb on the Syrian side of the Syria-Turkey Bab al-Salama border crossing killed at least 43 civilians and wounded dozens.

–The crossing is controlled by rebels battling the ISIL.carbomb 5-15-2014 CARBOMB2 5-15-2014

  • More than 40 people were killed by airstrikes across northern Syria.

  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said nearly 847 people have died this year in Syrian government jails, many from summary execution and torture.

  • Government forces continued their push towards to airport south-west of Raqqa.

  • 25 FSA brigades are working together to take the last government held areas in Daraa.

  • It was revealed that the NSA used a backdoor in Skype to monitor the Syrian government and opposition.

  • There were reports in Homs of skirmishes between government militias and Christians who were trying to prevent them from looting.

  • The ISIL destroyed the mosque holding the Shiite shrine of Uwais al-Qaraniin, a follower of Muhammad who is revered by Shiites, in Raqqah.shrine2 5-15-2014 shrine 5-15-2014

  • The ISIL took the town of Farisa in Hasakah province from the YPG.

  • 9 SARS deaths have been reported in Deir Ez Zor city. 

  • Division 17 SAA forces received aid by helicopter drop in ar Raqqah.

  • The ISIL killed a dozen Islamic Front fighters when it attacked their HQ in Kafr Nabl.

  • Faylaq ash-Sham, IS, FSA, al-Nusra, and Jaish al-MuhajireenWal-Ansar are besieging the last government position in Khan Shaykhun, which is in southern Idlib. It’s fall would open up the Hama countryside to rebel attacks.KhanShaykhun 5-15-2014

  • Iran is offering Afghan refugees a 500$ stipend and Iranian citizenship to go fight for the Syrian government.

    The ISIL gives a man 60 lashes for insulting his neighbor.

    The ISIL gives a man 60 lashes for insulting his neighbor.

    A mother tries to calm her children during airstrikes in Aleppo.

    A mother tries to calm her children during airstrikes in Aleppo.

    Current Syria map.

    Current Syria map.

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