• Rebels claimed to have come under chemical attack in Harasta, near Damascus.

–Video of an alleged victim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkExgvlLgS8#t=18

  • Jordanian warplanes destroyed several civilian vehicles with mounted machine guns, presumed to be rebels, as they fled across the border into Jordan and ignored several warnings not to proceed.vehicledestroyedbyJordan4-16-2013

  • In Raqqa in northern Syria a faction led by Abu Hanif, a native of Dagestan, has opened a kindergarten for the Russian-speaking children of fighters in the ISIL.

  • SANA reported that a Russian plane landed in Latakia with 15 tons of food and medical aid from the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society, a Russian group.

  • The Syrian military said that Security had been restored in Assal al-Ward and Housh Arab in al-Qalamoun.

  • In Istanbul, the establishment of the Syrian Islamic Council was announced.

–It consists of about 40 Sunni commissions, including some of the largest Islamic bodies within Syria.

  • Abu Mahammad al-Ansari, the head of Jahbat al-Nusra in Idlib, was killed with his wife, daughter, brother, and niece in his house by a 4-man squad from the ISIL in Ras al-Hosn.

–One of the men was killed, one blew himself up, and two were captured by al-Nusra fighters.

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