• 30 government fighters were killed when the Islamic Front and The Sheilds of the Revolution Council set off 40 tons of explosives in a tunnel they had dug underneath a checkpoint outside the town of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in Idlib province.

–60 fighters spent 50 days digging the 300 meter tunnel.


  • Syria is reportedly struggling to meet it’s food import needs as suppliers become increasingly unable or unwilling to provide food for the Syrian market. Sellers also can not be sure that they will receive payment due to the sanctions placed on the Syrian banking system.

  • Western security officials are investigating whether Iran supplied the chlorine gas bobs to Syria. The Telegraph reported that Iran bought 10,000 chlorine gas canisters from China and then delivered them to Syria in a large cargo plane.

  • Syrian media outlets declared that the military had destroyed most of the terrorists’ dens and gatherings in al-Mleha town, east of Damascus, and were making progress in the Sheikh Najjar Industrial area.

  • Rebels in Daraa province kidnapped Mohammad Kenaan, a presidential candidate who was rejected by the supreme court.

–He was later shown in a video in an arm chair and said that he had been coerced into running in the election that most people see as a farce.

  • The Human Rights Watch criticized Lebanon for it’s deportation of around 40 Palestinian Syrians back to Syria last weekend.

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