• Al-Nusra  arrested several FSA leaders in Daraa province after the military council for the area had announced the formation of the Rebels of Southern Syria Front, which al-Nusra viewed as a western-backed attempt to diminish or eliminate their role in the area.

  • The Italian News Agency learned that Christians in Syria have largely agreed to boycott the upcoming election because the constitution bars Christians from serving as president.

  • SANAreported that army units had flattened defensive positions on Aleppo Hill and taken control of it from rebels west of the Industrial City of Sheikh Najjar.

    Rebels and regime officials agreed upon the departure of rebels from Homs.

–About 2,250 people, mostly fighters, will be allowed to depart on buses with their arms to rebel held regions north of Homs. Iranian and UN officials will also be on the buses.

  • The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 21 rebels and 30 soldiers were killed in Aleppo province, primarily in fighting around 2 rebel-held villages.

SANA reported that 9 civilians were killed when rockets hit the residential neighborhood of Ashrafiyeh.

  • Turkey began constructing a wall along it’s border with Syria, beginning at the village of Kusakli in an effort to slow down rampant smuggling. The wall will eventually be 8 kilometers long.Concrete slabs are placed on the Turkish-Syrian border during the construction of a wall in Reyhanli, southern Hatay province

  • 74 people were killed in fighting between the ISIL and Islamist rebels, including Jahbat al-Nusra in Deir Ez Zor.

  • Russia said it will send  the first 9 Yak-130 jets to Syria this year and 12 next year as part of a contract signed in 2011 to sell them 36 of the jets in all.

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