• Residents of Arsal, an east Lebanese village, fought Syrian rebels, although it was not clear what the fighting was about.

–Three Lebanese men were wounded and two kidnapped.

  • Three civilians were killed when an airstrike blew up a gas line in Naseeb on the Syrian-Jordan border.

–Video of the gas line: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lxobrm8SEs#t=15

  • HarakatHazzam, a faction that has received US TOW missiles recently, posted a video of their use in the Sheikh Najjar area, east of Aleppo.

  • Lebanon sent back 49 Syrians andSyrian Palestinians who had been detained for false documentation in their first deportation of the conflict.

  • The Syrian Supreme Constitutional Court approved 2 of the challengers who submitted their candidacy to run against Assad in the upcoming elections. 21 others were rejected, although the court did not give a reason for doing so.

  • Jahbat al-Nusra said that it would no longer actively fight the ISIL, but would continue to retaliate if it was attacked.

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