• SANA reported that rebel mortar attacks killed 16 people.

–12 people were killed in the al-Azizyehneighborhood of Aleppo and 4 were killed when a minibus was hit in the al-Dweilneighborhood of Damascus.

  • It was reported that for the last two days the Syrian air force has been bombing the Lebanese border village of Tfeil and that 2 people have been killed.

–The town, which has 4,000 Lebanese residents and 10,000 Syrian refugees, has been under siege by the Syrian army and Hezbollah for 4 months.

  • SANA said that 550 food baskets were delivered to Yarmouk and that 4 sick people were evacuated.

  • Fighting the last 4 days between the ISIL and Jahbat al-Nusrain Deir Ez Zor province has caused 60,000 people to flee their homes in the towns of Busayra, Abriha, and Al-Zir.

–Both sides have burned down houses and 62 fighters have been killed so far.


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