• The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that an airstrike killed at least 33 people in Aleppo. The airstrike hit a market in the Halak neighborhood in the northeast of the city.

–Video of the aftermath of the airstrike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq3qrl6gFig&feature=youtu.be


  • The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry admitted that attacks targeting civilians have increased, but only because of the increased financial, military, and logistics support being supplied to the rebels.

–It also noted rebel attacks on civilians, such as the mortar attack that hit a religious school in Aleppo earlier this week.

  • Jahbat al-Nusraand the Islamic Brigade took control of the Al Bsiri mountain and the town of Al Bsiri in the eastern countryside of the city of Deir Ez Zor from the ISIL after 3 weeks of fighting, as well as the city of  Busayrahsouth of Deir Ez Zor.

  • Jaishal-Islam killed 8 ISIL fighters and captured 10 as they took control of a checkpoint in al-Ragheeb, in the eastern suburbs of Deir Ez Zor.

  • Al Qaeda in Kurdistan sided with al Qaeda’s ruling against the ISIL and said it would fight the ISIL if needed.

–It is thought that this group may be what the U.S. calls the al Qaeda Kurdish Battalions, which was established in 2007.


  • As part of the ongoing fighting in Qalamoun, 14 rebels and an unknown number of Syrian troops were killed in heavy fighting in the town of Zabadani

  • Rebels managed to penetrate the Dumayr airbase but ultimately had to pull back..

–More than 25 different brigades and battalions are reported to be cooperating in the fight for the base.

  • The UN said it would not create humanitarian access inside Syrian governates without permission from the government in Damascus.

  • Rebels took over a checkpoint inside the army intelligence area next to Mleiha in eastern Ghouta.

  • Hundreds of civilians fled the southern part of the Damascus suburb of  Jaramana after rebels began to enter it from Mleiha.

–Combined with the push around Dumayr, which is 38 kilometers northeast of the capital, rebels are making a 2-front push to take territory surrounding Damascus.

  • 7 more people declared their candidacy before the deadline ended at midnight, bringing the total number of candidates in the presidential election to 23.

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