• The UN reported that the Syrian government had once again cut off aid to the Damascus neighborhood of Yarmouk, which has been under siege since last July.

  • Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Syria’s leading cleric, threatened the US and Europe with retaliation by suicide bombers already in the country if they attack Syria.

  • Mariam Sharif, a woman who was a rare icon for women fighters in Syria, died in a gun fight.

  • The General Secretary for the Syrian National Coalition, Badr Jamous, said that the SNC is undergoing major reforms in order to reorganize the structural problems that have plagued it.

  • The number of people from the besieged area of Homs who have surrendered to the government reached 500.

  • Bassam Saab, a Baath leader in the southern city of Sweida, was arrested after delivering a speech in which he criticized Syria’s news media, the inheritance of power, and the practices of the security forces.

  • Moles within the rebel forces revealed a plan to attack Damascus using a series of long tunnels leading to the center of the city.

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