• Rebels claimed to have pushed back a regime offensive in Damascus.

  • Protestswere held in multiple locations in Idlib province, some of which called for Putin to protect Syrian Christians from his “as a custodian of Assad’s terrorism”.

  • Abdul AhadIstefo, a Christian member of the Syrian National Council, said that Armenians in Kessab and other areas need protection from attacks by the Syrian military.

–The military has been shelling Kessab since the rebel takeover.

  • Daraa province continued to be bombarded by airstrikes as Assad sought to check rebel advances.

  • At least 30 people were killed in a barrel bomb attack on Aleppo, according to Shaam News Network.

  • 135 tons of aid, including 4 ambulances and a mobile clinic, was received by Aleppo.

  • It was reported that a Syrian business man working as a mediator for Assad offered the FSA $1 million in return for stopping their fighting in Latakia.

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