• The Jobar neighborhood, a suburb of eastern Damascus, came under heavy artillery fire in coordination with attacks by the military and militia forces following the breakdown of local ceasefires near Damascus.

–Jobar is the closest rebel stronghold to Damascus.

–The fighting spread to Abbasid square and the surrounding area.Abbasid+Square-793456

  • At the front of Mliha, in eastern Ghouta, clashes were also seen and the Syrian military fired missiles on the town.

–Mliha is seen as the gate to the eastern entrance of Damascus and the Syrian military is currently focusing  on besieging and isolating it.

–Video of a rocket strike on Mliha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X17JtEDmsns#t=17 

  • The Ahl al-Athar Brigade, part of the Development Front in Jobar, posted a video claiming to show them blowing up a building containing regime army and Shabbiha forces after mining a tunnel they had dug under it.

–This was confirmed by a source from the Syrian military, who said 12 people had died.

–The building was located on the new highway connecting the buildings of Jobar neighborhood to the buildings of Abbasid neighborhood and was the regime’s sole headquarters for the area.

  • The Syrian military made a push to retake a police station in Jobar captured by rebels on the 20th of March.

–Regime ambulances were observed rushing to the scene afterwards.

  • The estimated regime losses in Jobar for March is estimated at over 50 soldiers and Shabbiha.

  • The UNHCR announced that the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon had exceeded 1 million, making up 20% of the Lebanese population.
  • MuhammadShishani, leader of the Chechen-led faction Jaish al-Muhajireen Wal-Ansar, was killed in Aleppo.

  • Orient News said that the Syrian army had dropped 14 barrel bombs on Sheikh Najjar, east of Aleppo, killing 5 people and wounding dozens.

  • A video was posted claiming to show Syrian army forces standing on Tower 45, indicating that they had recaptured it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_DpXnkqIxk#t=40
    Syrian soldiers standing on Hill 45

    Syrian soldiers standing on Hill 45

  • At around 12:30 PM eastern time reports began to come in claiming that Jobar was under chemical weapon attack.

–First video of an alleged victim: http://syriaupdate.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/syria-1st-video-of-the-casualties-after-the-regime-used-poisonous-gases-on-jobar/

Alleged victim of a chemical attack in Jobar.

Alleged victim of a chemical attack in Jobar.

  • 20 militants were reported killed near the grand mosque in Jobar

  • LiwaShuhada Al Yarmouk, a Daraa based group, announced that they had entered Daraa city.

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