• The Syrian Observer reported that housing is becoming increasingly more difficult to afford and obtain in Damascus.

–Prices have risen sharply with demand as more displaced Syrians arrive in the capital.

–The government has also started requiring that tenants register at local police stations to make sure that they aren’t wanted for arrest. The security clearance takes at least 15 days and is required to complete tenancy agreements.

  • SANA reported that 54 people were killed by rebel attacks in Homs and Damascus.

–40 people were reported killed and 116 injured in the al-Abassiyehneighborhood of Homs.

–18 people were reported killed in the al-Abassiyeen and al-Shaghourby mortar fire in Damascus, including 14 students in a religious school that was hit.

–An activist in Homs claimed that the people killed in Homs were militia members and Syrian soldiers at an army checkpoint.

  • The Human Rights Watch reported 85 sites in Aleppo that have been hit by airstrikes, mainly by barrel bombs, between February 22 and April 2. They also counted 651 civilians in Aleppo province that have been killed by airstrikes between February 22 and April 22.

  • Rebels claimed that they captured the Palace of Justice in Aleppo.

Jaish al-Muhajireen Wal-Ansar said that they had captured it on Saturday night after having surrounded it for several weeks.

  • OPCW said that it would send a team to Syria to investigate the claims of chlorine attacks.

  • Bosnia introduced a law that would give a 10 year jail term to any citizens recruiting or fighting  for conflicts abroad, seeking to stop young Bosnians from leaving to fight in Syria.

  • Rebels and the Syrian government reached an agreement in Aleppo where the government would stop airstrikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo in return for rebels lifting their 10-day blackout of government held areas.

  • The electoral commission in Syria announced that Syrians who fled the country via unofficial posts will be barred from the June election.

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