• Assad registered for re-election for the June 3rd presidential vote.

  • Rebels claimed to have shot down a Syrian MiG fighter near Dumayr, which lies close to Damascus.

  • Syria is facing it’s worst wheat harvest in 40 years, projected to be between 1 and 1.7 million metric tons, or 1/3 of the pre-uprising harvest.

  • In Homs, Hezbollah arrested 240 people, mostly employees and students who were stopped at checkpoints, in retaliation for rebels seizing 8 Hezbollah corpses two days ago.

  • Rebels in Aleppo said that they found 10 bodies in the basement of a building near the Air Force Intelligence headquarters.

–They said that the bodies were several months old and were in civilian clothing. They also said the cause of death appeared to be brunt trauma caused by stones thrown at the bodies.

  • Dr. Wissam, a doctor in eastern Ghouta, said that her clinic in Douma has received 26 patients with tuberculosis recently and that other health centers are most likely seeing cases of it as well.

  • Azraq, Jordan’s third refugee camp, received it’s first group of Syrians.

  • Rebels in Qalamoun said that they had taken control of the area between the Dumeir military airport and the Al-Seen military airport, effectively separating them.

  • Rebels captured the al-Safa power station, which is next to the government forces stronghold in the al-Badiya cement factory and a base for antiaircraft missiles.

  • A meeting of the Aleppo Council in Hureitan was targeted by an airstrike that killed the head of the economic committee and injured 8 others.

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