• Rebels continued their advance in Quneitra, capturing the eastern part of Tel al-Ahmar, which lies less than two kilometers from the demilitarized zone with Israel.

  • SANA reported that 24 people were killed and 52 were injured by rebel mortar fire in Aleppo, with 15 mortar and rocket shells hitting Bab al-Faraj, BustanKulAab, Baroun Street, the Municipal Palace, al-Minshiyeh, and Saba’ Bahrat.

–They also said that rebels blew up several buildings ,including an electrical transmission station and the Chamber of Industry.

–Video posted by the Shaam News Network of the destruction of the Chamber of Industry building by explosives detonated in an underground tunnel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv0mCutflcY

  • It was reported that on Thursday and Friday that for the first time in two weeks the UN was able to deliver food parcels to families in the besieged Damascus suburb of Yarmouk.

–It delivered food parcels to 732 families. A food parcel can feed a family of 5 for 10 days.

–There are an estimated 18,000 civilians in Yarmouk and supplies are only allowed in with the permission of Syrian officials.

–An aid worker was quoted as saying: “The Syrian authorities are deliberately stifling the aid effort; they want to let in enough food to get the international community off their backs and claim they are meeting resolution 2139, but not enough to actually feed people – they consider Yarmouk rebel-held and their enemy.”

Civilians in Yarmouk receiving food packages.

Civilians in Yarmouk receiving food packages.

  • Four more candidates put there names in for the presidential race, raising the total including Assad to seven.

  • Iraqi forces conducted an operation inside Syria for the first time, killing eight people when attack helicopters struck a convoy of eight tanker trucks carrying fuel for the ISIL that were crossing into Iraq.

  • 87 Syrian forces were reportedly killed and 25 wounded after rebels detonated buildings at Sabaa Bahrat Square, which lies at the front line of the current regime push into the Old City of Homs.

  • It was reported that most of the important ISIL leaders, including Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi, have left Raqqah in the last few days.

  • A push by the ISIL to retake Khirbet al-Riz from rebel forces was repelled.

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