• The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that regime held areas of Aleppo have been under a blackout for the last week, after an Islamic court ordered the power lines cut.

  • The fighting in southern Daraa, where rebels captured a regime base on Thursday, has seen 88 people killed in the last 2 days, with 45 rebels and 43 regime fighters.

–Fighting has remained intense as rebels try to take a nearby hilltop that would allow them to connect their territory in Daraa and Quneitra.

  • SANA reported that 254 rebels from the suburbs of Damascus have turned themselves over to the government this month, on the promise of amnesty, as part of a government reconciliation drive.

  • Fighting between rebels and government forces was conducted in Deir Ez Zor city in the neighborhoods of al-Jbeila and al-Sina. Rebels mortared the city from positions of the hills overlooking the city.

  • Fighting continued in Homsas government forces try to take the besieged rebels neighborhoods.

  • In Idlib province 3 corpses were found on the road between the towns of Ma’saran and al-Barsiwith a note that said: “The ISIS announces the start of the battle between the right and the wicked. We in the ISIS declare the beginning of the operation in which those apostates were killed.”

  • The Islam Army and Ahmed al-Abdo battalion captured part of the Baghdad International Highway 30 miles east of Damascus on the third day of fighting around the city of Dumeir.

–The highway links Damascus with eastern Syria and Iraq’s borders.

–Rebels said they had been firing Grad missiles at the Dumeir airport, had shot down 1 jet, and had seized several army depots near the airport.


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