• 11 people were killed and 11 injured in two suicide bombings in northeast Syria. The first bomb went off at a YDP entrance to Serêkaniyê, killing one YPG member. The second bomb went off about 4 kilometers away on the offices of local protection units in the district of TilXelef, killing six civilians and four members of the protection units.

–The YDP blamed the ISIL for the attack.

  • Rebels took the Brigade 61 hilltopbase on Tal al-Jabiyah, near Nawain southern Syria after a week-long attack.

–The base is the largest between northern Quneitra province and central Daraa province.

–The rebels now control most of Daraa and the Quneitra countryside.

  • 27 people were killed in an airstrike in al-Atarib, 25 miles west of Aleppo.

  • Abu Bara al-Libi, and emir of the ISIL, was killed along with 10 ISIL fighters in an explosion in Hasaka.

  • Jahbat al-Nusra confirmed that it has withdrawn from the al Jandali neighborhood of Homs.

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