• Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary-General, urged Assad not to hold elections scheduled for June 3rd, saying it would damage the political process and would not be free and fair and would therefore violate the Geneva Convention.

  • Mohammad Ali Jafari, the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, said that Iran’s role in Syria is limited to advising and training militias and that it has no combat troops in Syria.

  • SANA reported that 8 people were killed and dozens injured by mortar attacks in Damascus.

  • Pro-regime rallies were held in support of the Syrian military in the town of Halboun and the surrounding Damascus countryside.

  • Russia announced that 30 tons of aid had been delivered to Syria, which would reciprocate with 20 tons of oranges.

  • Zahman al-Waslreported that crimes and murders perpetrated by Shabbiha militias have affected pro-regime individuals, regime informants, and Alawite civilians.

  • Turkey’s Prime Minister RecepTayyip Erdogan announced that there are nearly 1 million Syrian refugees in Turkey now.

  • Rebels reportedly withdrew from the Jeb al-Jandali neighborhood in the Old City that they pushed into Saturday and Sunday.

  • A Syrian helicopter killed an unknown number of Syrian troops after it mistakenly dropped a barrel bomb on a checkpoint outside the town of Kahn Sheikhoun in Idlib province.

  • The Syrian military renewed its strikes on the town of Sheikh Meskin.Dara’a province, and bombed the towns of Al Na’emaand Nawa.

  • The central neighborhood of Hanono was hit by barrel bombs in Aleppo. The industrial area of Sheik Najjar was also barrel bombed.

  • The neighborhood of Jobar in Damascus saw heavy fighting between regime forces and rebels and Islamic battalions.

  • Hezbollah and NDF forces fought Jahbat al-Nusraand The Islamic Battalion in the town of Al Meleha.

  • The SAA was accused of using chemical weapons on Darayya, a western suburb of Damascus.

  • The Raqqa Revolutionary Battalion seized the village of Aldib which is near EinEissain al-Raqqa province after fighting between rebels and the ISIL.

  • Syrian forces attempted to break through the eastern front of Morek, which is about 9 kilometers east of Kafr Zita.

    A man in Ar Raqqah who was whipped by the ISIL for publicly smoking.

    A man in Ar Raqqah who was whipped by the ISIL for publicly smoking.


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