• The death toll for today was calculated at 111, although this does not include regime military losses.

–The Local Coordination Committees reported  five women and 11 children. Of the deaths, 37 were in Idlib Province, 32 in Damascus and its suburbs, and 19 in Aleppo Province.

–State news agency SANA claims 13 civilians were killed by insurgents’ mortar attacks in and near Damascus.

  • An FSA spokesman announced that the regime has begun relocating forces from areas in the eastern front to focus on the fighting on the western coast.

  • The Sfera News Center confirmed that a regime officer had collected most of the Shabbiha from Sfera to go to the coast to help the fight against the rebels.

– 280 members of the Shabbiha refused to go and were arrested and taken to an unknown location.

  • The al-Nakkarin area of Aleppo saw clashes between Shabbiha and military forces after Shabbiha there refused to leave to go fight at the coast.

  • In eastern Ghouta, The Army of Islam, led by Zahran Alloush, the Sharia Commission in Damascus and the Islamic Union of the Soldiers of the Levant, led by Muhammad al-Fateh have appeared to resolved a conflict that began with the kidnapping of the Vice President of the Sharia Commission in Damascus and its countryside, Riad Kharqi (Abu Thabet), by the Army of Islam.

–He was taken from his workplace at the Sharia Court and beaten at the Tawba prison.

–The parties apologized to each other and issued statements resolving the conflict,  avoiding an escalation in fights between the two largest forces in Damascus and it’s countryside.

  • A photo was released from Inkhel, in Daraa, showing a Jahbat al-Nusra fighter holding what appeared to be an SA-7 MANPADS.BkIJnawCEAAcPwo


    • The Syrian army continued its push to retake tower 45, a hilltop overlooking villages in Latakia province.

    • Jamal Maarouf, the rebel leader of the Syrian Revolutionary Front, who is viewed as a bulwark against extremists announced that he will not fight against  al-Qaeda and actually conducts joint operations with Jahbat al-Nusra, in an interview with The Independent.
        • Earlier in the year the U.S. gave him significant aid in order to help him battle the ISIL. The SRF, with help from the Salafi Islamic Front and the Islamic Army of the Mujahedeen, pushed the ISIL into Raqqa, a provincial city of Aleppo
        • It’s clear that I’m not fighting against al-Qa’ida. This is a problem outside of Syria’s border, so it’s not our problem. I don’t have a problem with anyone who fights against the regime inside Syria”
          • He cited the battle of Yabroud as one example of an operation where he shared weapons with Jahbat al-Nusra.


  • The death toll passed 150,000 according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


    ISIL fighters standing on top of a pile of confiscated cigarettes in Raqqa before burning them.

    ISIL fighters standing on top of a pile of confiscated cigarettes in Raqqa before burning them.



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