• Opposition activists said that the Syrian military is preparing to take full control of Homs.

–They revealed that for the last 20 days negotiations between the regime and some rebel groups to allow their passage out of Homs and into the north countryside.

–They also said that over 1,000 fighters have been sent by the regime to reinforce the Homs area in order to pressure the groups into signing a reconciliation agreement or else face a direct assault.

  • Regime forces moved into insurgent-held areas of Homs for the first time since last summer, entering the Wadi al-Sayaharea after heavy air bombing.

–Air strikes on rebel positions in Homs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M09wEqTiwOo

–Only about 1,300 people, mostly fighters, are thought to remain in the old city.

  • Mortar shells landed around Tabbaleh, a Christian majority neighborhood in Damascus, prompting the Syrian army to reinforce the area.
  • In the al-Qaboun neighborhood of north Damascus a truce between rebels and regime forces seemed to have broken down after heavy fighting was reported.

  • Air raids were carried out on the town of Malihain eastern Ghouta as part of a two week push to take control of the town.

–5 Hezbollah fighters were reported killed in fighting.

  • A rebel official confirmed that the Hazm movement, part of the FSA, received more than 20 US-made TOW missiles.

–The missiles have been used in fighting in Idlib, Aleppo, and Latakia provinces.

Marks on one of the missiles showed it as having been in control of the US Army in 2004 and the Marines in 2012.

Marks on one of the missiles showed it as having been in control of the US Army in 2004 and the Marines in 2012.


  • Southern Dararya saw heavy fighting between Islamist groups and the Syrian military.

–The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that 8 barrel bombs were dropped in the fighting.

  • The city of Zabadani, which lies between Damascus and the Lebanese border, was bombed.

–Ground fighting was reported to be between Jahbat al-Nusra, Islamist battalions and the Syrian military, Hezbollah, and the National Defense Force.

  • In Aleppo, warplanes and helicopters conducted bombing operations in several areas.

  • In response to recent rebel gains in Idlib, including cutting the supply line between Aleppo and the north, the town of Kafr Wama was bombed and air raids were conducted near the center of aid distribution in the city of Saraqeb.

  • The town of Kafr Zita, reported to have been shelled by the regime with poison gas on Friday, was bombed by helicopters.

  • The Christian town of Maahloula in the Damascus countryside was reported to have been recaptured 4 months after it was lost by the Syrian military as part of the push to retake the Qalamoun area north of Damascus.

  • Sarkha, near the town of Rankousand the Lebanese border, was captured by the Syrian military.

  • 638 people turned themselves in and handed over their weapons to authorities in the provinces of Damascus, Damascus Countryside, Quineitra, Hama, Hassakeh, Deir El-Zor, and Homs.

  • It was reported that in Aleppo Central Prison, which has been besieged by rebels since January, said that at least 800 prisoners have died from starvation and illness and that 2400 prisoners, including women and children, remain.

–Since the start of the uprising an estimated 11,000 detainees have been killed in Syrian prisons.


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