• Three journalists for Hezbollah’s Al-Monar TV were killed in Maaloula.

Al-Manar claimed that rebels hit the journalist’s vehicle.

  • Rebels announced that they were closing the Karaj al-Hafez crossing between the western and eastern parts of Aleppo in Bustan al-Qasr.

–They cited sniping of civilians and abuse of people by the Syrian military at checkpoints.

–The crossing is used to move supplies between both regime and rebel held areas.

  • Rebels captured about 3 kilometers of the highway between Aleppo International Airport  and regime held positions in Aleppo and to the east of the city.

–They also captured Ramouseh in the operation and are focusing now on taking a cement plant in the area.

  • Rebels are advancing on two fronts in Aleppo in Laryamounand az-Zahraanorthwest of Aleppo and the highway in the south between the airport and regime military bases.

–They have currently surrounded the Air Force Intelligence Headquarters and taken several nearby buildings.

  • The Aleppo Media Center, citing the general management of Aleppo services, said a regime barrel bomb between Al-Zurbaand Aleppo had hit a high voltage tower and cut power to Aleppo.

  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Monday repeated her condemnation of torture in detention facilities by regime forces.

  • The Ba’ath Party’s economic office reported a loss of $11.5 billion in oil revenue since the civil war began.

  • Israeli sources confirmed that 700 Syrian rebels have received treatment in Israel, and a high-ranking officer was quoted as saying 1,600 rebels have been treated in total by Israel.

  • Two missiles fired from a MIG-29 hit a market in Douma, on the outskirts of Damascus, killing 8 people, although the number is expected to rise due to injuries and as rubble is cleared.

  • Air raids were conducted in Hammouriah, in eastern Ghouta, causing an unknown number of civilian casualties.

  • Bouthaina Shaaban, Assad’s political counselor, posted on her Facebook that Syria would not have survived without help from Hezbollah and Iran. The post was deleted and the Syrian government denied that it was ever posted.

  • Opposition activists in Homs said that the Syrian military used reconnaissance aircraft and vacuum bombs to destroy tunnels being used to deliver food to Homs.

  • The town of Rankous was recaptured by the Syrian military.

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