• Rebels and Syrian forces both largely consolidated their recent gains in Latakia and Qalamoun, and didn’t mount large offensives to capture new ground.

  • A helicopter either crashed evading a missile, or was shot down, by insurgents as it took off from Abu Dahour military base in Hama, killing 30 soldiers, 4 officers, and the crew.

  • The Islamic Front denied claims by the Syrian government that they committed abuses against the civilians of Kessab as they took it over.

–They said that civilians fled because they feared being caught up in the fighting and regime shelling of the area, rather than because they feared being brutalized by invading rebel forces.

–Rebels have posted videos of them interacting with elderly Armenians who didn’t flee and respecting churches in the area.

  • The Turkish military fired into Syria at the origin of 3 mortar rounds which landed in the Turkish town of Yayladagi, hitting a mosque next to a refugee camp and injuring a 50 year-old woman.

  • Disputed claims were made by SANA that the Syrian Military had retaken Tower 45.

  • Jahbat al-Nusra claimed that so far during the al-Anfal offensive in Latakia they have destroyed 9 tanks, 100 other vehicles, and captured ammunition.

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