• Four civilians were killed and seven injured in the town of Tafas in the western countryside of Daraa after barrel bombs were dropped by helicopter gunships. Two cities in Daraa, Inkhel and Nawa, were also attacked by gunships and resulted in civilian injuries.

  • In the northern Hama countryside, the towns of Morek and Kafr Zita were targeted with airstrikes, which included the use of cluster bombs. The southern neighborhoods of Morek also saw clashes between regime and opposition forces.

  • In the western Hama countryside, Syrian forces used rocket launchers and artillery to attack opposition strongholds in the town of Tal-Salhab

  • Rebels consolidated their gains in Nab’ainin Latakia.

–Video of reinforcements arriving from the Al-Aqsa brigade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVBQ91IdfzE

–Convoy of Syrian reinforcements destroyed near Nab’ain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRDwD6yDKBI#t=16


  • The ISIL said it had captured an oil and gas well from Jahbat al-Nusra in Deir Ez Zor province in eastern Syria.

  • A suicide car bomber caused 6 casualties among Lebanese soldiers at a Lebanese Army checkpoint near the Syrian border.

–The Ahrar al-Sunna in Baalbek Brigade claimed responsibility via twitter.

  • SANA stated that the Syrian military took the town of Ras al-Maaraand Fleita as part of the Qalamoun offensive.

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